How to Grow an Insurance Agency in 3 Steps

Struggling with how to grow your insurance agency? Learn how you can win more clients in 3 steps.

How to Grow an Insurance Agency in 3 Steps

Increase visibility, authority and efficiency so your insurance agency can win more sales

So you’re an insurance expert…and now you’re trying to be a sales expert too, so you can grow your insurance agency.

Sales can feel like an uphill battle, with the majority of cold-calls going unanswered. But there are ways to improve your approach so you can win more clients (and spend more time on the insurance side of things).

The best part? The answer isn’t just more cold calls.

Whether you’re just getting started or struggling to get over a hump, we’ve got three steps you can take to win more clients for your insurance agency.

3 steps to growing you insurance agency:
1. Clean up your online presence
2. Build your reputation
3. Start Selling

Clean up your online presence

When it comes to your web presence, looks do matter. Your online presence establishes your professional brand. When done well, your website and social media pages draw people to your business, help build trust and improve brand recognition.

Where to build your insurance agency’s online presence:

  • Website
  • LinkedIn
  • Social Media


Your website is one of the first places potential clients will go to check out your business. You want it to be informative (but succinct!) and showcase you as a reliable and trustworthy insurance expert.

Your website should include:

  • A section about you! Whether you’re an individual or a team, include both your professional story and your values. Add a photo or video to help build trust with potential clients.
  • An insurance services page featuring what packages you offer to meet your clients’ needs. Include some information about fees—if you usually work with different rates, you can publish ranges or starting points.
  • Highlight your ideal clients with case studies or testimonials from past clients, as well as statements about how you serve a specific type of client.


Make sure both your personal LinkedIn and your profile pages are fully filled out and optimized.

Start with the basics from this LinkedIn lead-generation guide:

  • Upload a professional photo (personal page) and logo (business page) image.
  • Making use of your header image for brand-building, with company colors and optionally, your slogan. 
  • Add a strategic headline that tells people what kind of insurance agency you are.

You should also have a clear about section, that highlights what makes your agency unique. You can lean into what you wrote for your website, again making it clear who your ideal clients are. 

Finally, make sure you fill out any other profile information. On a business page, this includes your company size, location, industry, website, phone number etc… 

For extra visibility, optimize your LinkedIn page for search for the best organic exposure to potential clients looking for insurance agencies.

Social media

Social selling—the art of using social media to generate sales—is one of the most popular ways to scale a business these days. While lots of social selling takes place on LinkedIn, any platforms that your ideal clients spend time on are worth generating content for.

Consider who you’re selling to, and where they spend time online. Then pick one or two of those platforms and fill out your profile (using the same images and messaging you used on your website and LinkedIn). 

This gives potential clients another place to search for you, establishes your brand when they do thanks to your consistent images, and creates a space for you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. 

Build your reputation

Now that you’ve set the stage to excite clients with your online presence, it’s time to start showing them you’re here! Social-selling is all about showing up online, being helpful and increasing visibility.

Your insurance agency can build its online reputation by:

  • Posting on LinkedIn
  • Creating for other social channels
  • Engaging with others

Posting on LinkedIn

Content creation is a key component to any LinkedIn sales strategy. Content—good content—is a great way to establish yourself as knowledgeable and trustworthy, while increasing your visibility across LinkedIn.

Posts can be varying levels of effort. You can offer advice, ask questions, tell stories, or share articles and videos from yourself or others that are relevant to your specialty.

Keep in mind your goal is to add value to your ideal clients. Stay on top of their concerns, post insights on hot topics, and occasionally promote your own work with case studies, client testimonials or personal stories about what you’ve been able to do for clients. 

Creating for other social channels

Remember when we told you to make a few other social media accounts? It’s time to start leveraging them.

Creating Youtube videos, Twitter threads, blogs articles etc… is a great way to establish yourself as an expert and start building relationships with potential clients.

Like with your LinkedIn posts, content should bring value to clients. Help them solve problems, answer questions, share stories that tug at their heartstrings (yes really….it works) and occasionally mention who you are and what you do. 

Your other social accounts will likely give you space for more in-depth content to share your knowledge compared to LinkedIn. Even five minute videos, or 1000 word posts, give you more room to elaborate than a LinkedIn post can. 

Engaging with others

Building your reputation online is a two-way street. While putting content out is great, engaging with both potential clients and other leaders in the space is key.

Some of the lowest-hanging fruit is to engage with people commenting on the content you put out. But you should also be commenting on content created by other voices in the insurance world, and answering questions you see posted by potential clients.

You can even make use of the search bar to stay on top of relevant conversations to your field. 

For example, if you type “Is life insurance worth it”, you can filter by “Posts” and see what discussions people are having that you can comment on. For the latest posts, filter by date as well.

Start selling

Selling is the main reason you’re here. The good news? The tips above make it a lot easier to close the deal. The better news? We have some tips to help you streamline the sales process.

Here’s three ways to start scaling your insurance agency:

  • Digital ads
  • Sales Navigator
  • AI for sales

Digital ads

Digital ads are a relatively passive way to increase awareness and conversion for your agency. 

You can advertise on LinkedIn, Meta, Google and a host of websites with ad slots.

There are several advantages to using digital ads for your insurance agency, including: cost efficiency, audience targeting and direct conversion.

Sales Navigator

If you don’t already have Sales Navigator, you should. It’s the best way to target your ideal clients, and message them directly. 

Before you go sending off InMails (LinkedIn direct messages) to potential prospects, make sure you’re taking a strategic approach.

You’ll want to filter your searches so that you only message clients who make sense for your agency, and make sure you craft a message that resonates with those clients. 

Seek advice from blogs for sales professionals on how to target and write your messages to make sure your efforts are as strong as possible. (The blogs will have advice to help with your social media ads and content creation too.)

Sales is a game of numbers and strategy, so make sure you’re maximizing how many InMails you send out—while ensuring the people they go to could reasonably convert.

AI for sales

AI is a hot topic, and yes…you can use it to grow your insurance agency.

While ChatGPT might be getting the most attention, there’s AI tools on the market specifically for sales and prospecting.

AI for LinkedIn messaging, like CoPilot AI, helps you take the strategies above for Sales Navigator, and apply them more efficiently. You can draft a few messages, and CoPilot will figure out the best people to send them to—and help with follow-up, provide insights on how likely a prospect is to convert, and more.

Bringing it all together

Each piece in this guide works together to help grow your insurance agency. While you may think of sales as the act of actually selling the product through messages, calls and ads, establishing yourself in your space makes winning new clients easier.

Think—would you respond to a message from someone that didn’t have a proper website? Are you more likely to respond to someone you’ve seen their name or company before? Would you look into someone if they were engaging with you online? 

Odds are, the answer is yes.

But the extra work does take time, which is why supplementing the time you spend cold-calling with sales solutions like social media ads and CoPilot will help you scale your agency more efficiently.

Learn more about using CoPilot AI to grow your business.