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Last updated: February 2022

Cookies notably help us to improve and customize your user experience by tracking the use of our Website.This Cookies Policy (the “Cookies Policy”) provides information about how Cassia Research Inc. (dba CoPilot AI) (“CoPilot”, “we” or “us”) uses cookies and related technologies (pixel, tags or beacons) (together “cookies” or “cookie”), on, including on our platforms (the “Website”).Please take a minute to read and understand this Cookies Policy. This Cookies Policy should also be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a very small text document stored on your computer or other device (and maintained by your browser) when you visit a website. It often includes a randomized unique identifier so that a website can ”recognize” this cookie again on your next visit. They either guarantee the functioning of websites, improve browsing, or provide certain information to the owners of these websites, particularly in terms of audience measurement.

Cookies do not cause any damage to your device, but they facilitate, for example, finding preferences, pre-filling certain fields or adapting the content of the services on the visited site. Such data allows us to improve the ergonomics of our Website and our services according to your interests.

What Kind of Cookies Do We Use and How Do We Use Them?

We will only keep cookies for as long as is necessary to achieve the relevant purposes set out in this Cookies Policy, and notably for marketing and statistical purposes.  Different types of cookies exist depending on their source or function. Generally speaking, we use 1st and 3rd-party cookies, which can be either session or persistent cookies. The “1st-party cookies” refer to the cookies we set, whereas “3rd-party cookies” are cookies set by our third-party partners and service providers.

Session cookies are temporary cookies that remain on your device until you close your web browser. Many session cookies are essential to the proper functioning of our Website, as they typically enable you to move around our Website and use our features.Persistent cookies remain on your device for a specific amount of time after you close your browser, or until you manually delete them. In the former case, the amount of time during which the persistent cookie remains on your device depends both on the duration or “lifetime” of such cookie and your browser settings.

Persistent cookies help us recognize you as an existing user of our Website, making it easier and more convenient for you to return to our Website or interact with our Services without having to sign in again. In addition, persistent cookies help us recognize you when you view a resource associated with our Website from another website or application (such as an advertisement) and help us record information about your web browsing habits during the lifetime of the persistent cookie.

Cookies Used

Social media cookies: Social media cookies are cookies read or placed by third-party sites, such as social networks, over which we have no control or access. Essentially, our Website incorporates functionalities from social media sites that may sometimes be accompanied by scripts or other features that read and sometimes place cookies from these social networks on your device. Such cookies can be used to personalize advertising messages. We have no control over these social networks which are responsible for their own processing, nor do we have access to or control over these cookies, or the data they collect (including in the context of a data transfer outside the European Union when some of them are located in the United States). Nevertheless we deemed it essential to mention them to ensure that you are clearly and completely informed that their use may, if necessary, require your consent. For additional information, please refer to the list of potential social network cookies below:

LinkedIn: the following LinkedIn features can be integrated into our Website and may read or place LinkedIn cookies:

  • Sign in to LinkedIn (which allows the user to sign in to their LinkedIn account and interact with our Website through that account);

Click here to read LinkedIn’s Privacy policy
Click here to get information on LinkedIn’s cookies

Facebook: the following Facebook features can be integrated into our Website and may read or place Facebook cookies:

  • Sign in to Facebook (which allows the user to sign in to their Facebook account and interact with our Website through that account);Share on Facebook (which allows the user to share with others an item on Facebook)

Click here to read Facebook’s Privacy policy
Click here to get information on Facebook’s cookies

Can I Manage My Preferences on Cookies?

If you have any concerns about our use of cookies, you can always manage your cookies preferences through your browser settings. By so doing, you can choose to accept all cookies, to prevent the installation of certain types of cookies, or to never accept any cookies. However, the latter option may render some personalized services unavailable, which could prevent you from taking full advantage of all the features offered by our Website.

You can also configure your browser so that you are notified when a cookie is issued and you may delete cookies stored on your device at any time by accessing the appropriate settings within your web browser.

Instructions to this effect are provided on each browser’s website:

For Internet Explorer/Edge:
For Firefox:
For Safari:
For Chrome:
For any other browser not mentioned above, you should not hesitate to consult the cookie management help information available on the Website.You can also visit the link below for an overview of how to block or delete cookies on the most common browsers:

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