Find the right leads at the right time

Using AI for sales prospecting gives new life to your sales efforts by identifying and targeting leads that are ready to talk.

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Prospect with precision

Target your ideal customers on LinkedIn with unmatched accuracy.

Lead Filtering
Get laser-focused on the right leads

Maximize Sales Navigator to pinpoint ideal LinkedIn leads and effortlessly connect with them. Lead Filtering refines your lead generation strategy to reach qualified decision makers, not time-wasters.

reply prediction AI
Bring the most responsive leads to the surface

Enhance efficiency by prioritizing LinkedIn leads based on their meeting readiness. Focus on high-intent leads to boost productivity and conversions quickly with Reply Prediction AI.

Automated Outreach
Automated Outreach
Effortlessly target and follow-up with leads

Reimagine LinkedIn engagement with maximum reach and brand recall. Automated Outreach executes prospecting campaigns to connect and follow-up with your target audience effortlessly.

Open InMail
Reach beyond your connections with more messages

Send LinkedIn messages and emails to non-connections and expand your outreach. With Open InMail you can experiment with diverse messaging across new channels to reach more leads.

Team Collaboration
Enhance team productivity with seamless prospecting

Revamp team collaboration for unparalleled success. CoPilot AI includes deduplication, exclusion lists, and performance metrics to streamline your team to find more leads.

Account Safety
Prioritize the safety of your LinkedIn account

Your LinkedIn account is crucial for professional identity and sales prospecting. CoPilot AI prioritizes quality leads within LinkedIn's limits to maintain your account health and pipeline.

What our clients say

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“CoPilot AI is a great way to expand your reach and test your message – and LinkedIn is one of the best ways to get that message out to your ideal audience.”

Fractional Chief People Officer, HR industry

“CoPilot AI created a way for me to meet people and get access to their network and get to more potential customers in a way that doesn’t irritate them or push them away.”

Thad Butterworth
Hill City Technologies

“We went from having 0 pipeline in our new line of business to having a huge pipeline just a few months later. All thanks to CoPilot AI.”

Bob Kadrie
Red Pill Now