Elevate your pipeline performance

Drive better outcomes at scale by leveraging your own data. CoPilot AI is designed to optimize your sales process and keep prospects flowing through your pipeline.

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Fine-tune your sales process

Boost overall team efficiency by focusing their efforts towards opportunities with the highest ROI potential.

Smart Inbox
Stop missing responses and dropping opportunities

Manage multiple LinkedIn conversations across your sales pipeline without sacrificing the personal touch. Smart Inbox enhances LinkedIn inbox management with one-click AI-generated replies that are tailored to your conversation history.

Sales Insights
Accurately forecast revenue with sales performance insights

Monitor and forecast your team's performance for data-driven growth. With CoPilot AI's Sales Insights you get real-time visibility into LinkedIn prospect conversations, meetings booked, and sales quota progress.

Team Reporting
Access full funnel insights that boost your team’s success

Enhance your team's performance by optimizing the sales funnel at every stage. With CoPilot AI, you can access a Team Admin Dashboard and a team-specific inbox for a holistic funnel view, including connection and reply rates and messages per team member.

crm integration
Seamlessly track your LinkedIn interactions in your CRM

Maintain your data integrity by syncing your team’s LinkedIn connections, new conversations, and meetings booked directly with Hubspot or Salesforce, proving you with the full scope of every prospect’s journey.

What our clients

Ready to optimize your sales pipeline with AI?

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CoPilot AI brings me extra introductions every week that I just wouldn’t be able to get in-person or manually. If I could do this ten times over, I would because it produces results.

Aaron Curry
Aaron Curry
Catalyst Financial Group

I look at CoPilot AI as my BDR. It makes connections for me that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make at scale, and gets people to agree to book meetings with me.

Greg Wise
Greg Wise
OneScreen AI

We went from having 0 pipeline in our new line of business to having a huge pipeline just a few months later. All thanks to CoPilot AI.

Bob Kadrie
Red Pill Now