Top 7 Sales Blogs Every Sales Professional Should Read

Are you a sales professional? If so, you'll want to check out this list we compiled of our favorite, most insightful sales blogs.

Top 7 Sales Blogs Every Sales Professional Should Read

Professional development is something we all try to focus on, but in reality, it often gets pushed aside to make room for our ever-growing list of to-dos at work. But professional development doesn’t need to be a huge time commitment, like attending a conference or taking a course (though both of those are highly valuable). If you’re short on time or have other resource constraints, professional development can be as simple as reading relevant books, listening to podcasts or following the blogs of industry experts.

Brushing up on your industry knowledge by reading more sales blogs can have a huge impact, and it’s easy to do! In fact, we get a lot of our inspiration that way.

Below is a list of the top 7 sales blogs we find most insightful that all sales professionals should read:

1) HubSpot

If you haven’t already heard about HubSpot, then get reading! HubSpot is one of my favorite blogs, with a wide range of topics covering sales, marketing, business development, and more. If you’re looking for a specific sales topic, chances are HubSpot has a resource to match it.

You’ll like this blog if you’re an Account Executive, Sales Rep, BDR, Sales Manager, Director or Executive.

Check it out here to learn more, or check out one of their most popular blogs: How to Create a Sales Plan [Guide + Template].

2) Sales Force

A close second to HubSpot is Salesforce. Salesforce is really the holy grail for sales and marketing professionals wanting to learn more about their respective industries and roles. In addition, Salesforce even covers topics that speak to customer service and IT professionals. Salesforce often features guest posts from highly knowledgeable thought leaders on their blog so it’s a great resource for learning and staying up-to-date on industry trends.

You’ll enjoy the Salesforce blog if you are a Sales Rep, Account Executive, BDR, marketing professional, or Sales Manager.

Check out the Salesforce blog here.

3) Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is another great sales resource, specifically for those of you in B2B sales. This blog consistently publishes new content covering the latest trends, proven sales strategies and tips for prospecting and more.

You’ll find this blog useful if you’re a B2B Account Executive, Sales Rep, or Sales Manager.

Check it out here to learn more or take a look at one of our favorite posts by Sales Hacker: The 3-Step Mantra to Modernize Your LinkedIn Lead Gen.

4) Sales Gravy

Sales Gravy is unique in that the majority of their content is written by notable sales leaders across several different industries and verticals, which offers readers a fresh perspective on similar topics. If you want to learn more about prospecting and filling the top of your sales funnel, Sales Gravy is an indispensable resource.

You’ll find Sales Gravy helpful if you are a Sales Rep, Account Executive, or BDR.

Check out the Sales Gravy blog here, or read one of their more recent blogs: What Does it Take to be Successful at Sales?

5) LinkedIn Sales Solutions

While LinkedIn is known primarily as a social networking site, it has grown into so much more. LinkedIn introduced LinkedIn Sales Solutions, their blog for all things sales. From social selling to industry news, LinkedIn Sales Solutions is a great resource for universal sales techniques and best practices.

You’ll like LinkedIn Sales Solutions if you are a Sales Rep, Account Executive, BDR or marketing professional.

Check it out here and subscribe to stay up to date.

6) CoPilot AI

What’s a blog without a little shameless self-promotion? The CoPilot AI blog is your go-to resource for practical sales tips. From writing the perfect prospecting message to LinkedIn best practices, we cover everything you need to build your sales strategy from the ground up, at scale, and in a number of verticals.

You’ll find CoPilot AI helpful if you’re a Sales Rep, Account Executive, BDR, or small business owner with limited sales experience.

Check us out here, or take a look at one of our most popular blogs: What Are Hot Leads and Where Can You Find Them?

7) Close

Who said informative sales blogs can’t be entertaining, too? Close manages to not only offer valuable insights into sales and marketing, but also keep things entertaining by adding references to pop culture, funny memes, GIFs and more. The Close blog covers a wide range of topics from sales team management to cold calling so it’s an excellent resource for sales professionals to learn more.

You’ll find the Close blog valuable if you are a sales rep, BDR, account executive, sales manager, or marketing professional.

Check the Close blog out here.

The above list is a great place for you to get started learning more about sales, improving your strategies and techniques, or seeking out thought leaders in the industry.