Why Engaging with Other People's Content On LinkedIn is the Key to More Conversions

Want to boost your bottom line and grow your brand awareness? Find out why engaging with other people’s content on LinkedIn is the key to more conversions.

Why Engaging with Other People's Content On LinkedIn is the Key to More Conversions

One of the best ways to boost your bottom line and grow brand awareness is to be involved in social media. With over 660 million members, LinkedIn in particular is a goldmine for new business opportunities.

So, how can you get your profile noticed on LinkedIn? The answer is in engaging with other people’s content. Let’s dive into 5 reasons why you need to engage with other people’s content on LinkedIn to get more conversions.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Engage with Other People’s Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just a place to network and find potential candidates for your company. It’s a powerful tool that can skyrocket your conversion rate and place your digital marketing efforts in front of people who care the most about what you have to offer. So, why should you engage with other people’s content on LinkedIn?

1) It Puts Your Brand in Front of More Eyes

The #1 reason you should engage with other people’s content is that it puts your company in front of more eyes. Anytime you leave a  comment on someone else’s content, your comment will be shown to other users looking at the comment section. This will give individuals the opportunity to check out your brand further if they want to. The more likes and replies your comment receives, the more likely your comment will be boosted to the top of the comment section.

And then the more people who see your comment or likes, the more likely they are to interact with your brand.

2) It Notifies The Poster

Another reason why you should engage with someone else’s LinkedIn post is because it notifies the poster. Because you interacted with their post, the poster will be more likely to...

  • Follow you
  • Tag you in other posts
  • Like your other content
  • Comment on your posts
  • Visit your website

To the right is a great example of what it looks like to interact with another post on LinkedIn:  

3) It Allows Room for Dialogue

Next, engaging with someone else’s post allows room for dialogue. The point of social media is well...meant to be social.

By commenting thought-provoking insights to someone else’s posts, you are more likely to get individuals jumping into the conversation. On LinkedIn especially, professionals in the industry love to share their wealth of knowledge about specific topics. When you leave a valuable comment on someone else’s post, you will create a space for users to have a meaningful discussion in the reply section of your comment.

By doing this, you will in turn see a spike in profile followers and conversions sourced directly from LinkedIn!

4) It Helps You Beat the Algorithm

Engaging with other industry-related accounts also helps your LinkedIn profile beat the algorithm! It’s frustrating to battle the constant algorithm updates, but one tried and tested method to get around the algorithm is to interact with more posts. This not only gets new viewers intrigued on who your business is, but it also shows the algorithm that you are a valuable account. The algorithm will then showcase your posts to a larger audience outside of your normal connections. Pretty cool right?

Fun Fact: 43% B2B marketers attributed their sales to LinkedIn. (Facebook followed at 24%, and Twitter at 20%.)

5) It Shows that your Company is Active on LinkedIn

If you want more business and more followers — then you need to get involved with the LinkedIn community. Staying engaged digitally in the industry shows you're an active member on social media, and most importantly, it shows that you're willing to listen.

Many companies automate their LinkedIn posting cadence by scheduling out posts in advance. Then, the company doesn’t interact with LinkedIn until they need to schedule out the next month’s posts. This way of going about social media is dated and shows your followers that you don’t care to communicate with them. It’s 2021, it’s time to stop posting and start engaging.

Get Social On LinkedIn

If you want to expand your reach among your target audience, there’s no better way to do so than LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not only the world’s leading social network platform for professionals, but it is also a powerful business-to-business marketing tool. With over 170 million members in the U.S., any business that knows how to use it (and use it well) has a tremendous advantage.

All in all, the key to success on LinkedIn is not about what you’re posting but who you’re engaging with. By actively engaging with other accounts, you will see increased brand visibility, social media engagement, and conversions.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to supercharge your sales pipeline with our Linkedln experts and industry-leading software! Get started and schedule your demo today.