4 Ways to Beat the LinkedIn Algorithm to Get More Views

LinkedIn is a powerful tool, but it can be a frustrating when you don't get engagement on your posts. This is due to the linkedin algorithm.

4 Ways to Beat the LinkedIn Algorithm to Get More Views

LinkedIn is a powerful business tool that creates networking and new business opportunities. However, it can also be a bit frustrating at times. Especially when you’re not getting the engagement on your posts that you hope to get. Perhaps your posts are being pushed further down the feed and getting less views, or LinkedIn has marked them as ‘low-quality’. This is due to something called the LinkedIn algorithm.

As frustrating as it can be, there are some pretty simple ways to get ahead of the LinkedIn algorithm to ensure your posts get more visibility. In fact, these simple tips will also boost your LinkedIn presence as a whole (and can generally be applied across other social media sites, such as Facebook).

1) Interact & engage with your LinkedIn connections

The main purpose of social media is to do just that; be social. If you don’t interact with others on LinkedIn, it is more likely that your posts will be deemed low quality. Comment, engage and participate in conversations on others’ posts and your own posts. If someone comments on your post, simply reply! That is one of the easiest ways to get more eyes on your LinkedIn posts.

The more interactions you have on your posts, the more the LinkedIn algorithm will perceive your posts as valuable and in turn show them to a larger audience on LinkedIn outside of just your first and second degree connections.

2) Complete your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is a look into who you are as a person and a professional. It is often the first impression you give on LinkedIn --- people will check your profile before accepting your connection request.

Make sure you have a professional headshot and your bio filled out. Without these few minor details, LinkedIn (and it’s users) will think you’re a bot.

Use your profile as an opportunity to sell yourself, show why you are worth following and what value you’ll add to their network.

3) Connect with like minded professionals

The quickest and easiest way to increase visibility of your LinkedIn posts is to connect with people! You can’t be seen on LinkedIn if you don’t have any connections.

The best place to start is usually in the ‘recommended’ section. This is a collection of people that LinkedIn thinks you might know based on other common connections. Another quick way to add connections is by importing your Gmail or Outlook contact list.

You can also always search for people you want to connect with using the search function, however that takes a little longer.

Check out our LinkedIn messaging tips blog for ideas and best practices on connection invitation messaging.

4) Use hashtags & tag people in your posts

Did you know hashtags aren’t just for Twitter? Using hashtags on your LinkedIn posts increases the number of the people that could see your post. Your post will then turn up when people search for the hashtag, or click on it.

Similarly, tagging people in your posts increases visibility. When you tag someone, the LinkedIn algorithm makes sure that your post is visible to the person tagged and everyone in that person’s network. This opens you up to an entirely new audience you may not have reached otherwise.

With these 4 simple tips, you’ll be able to get ahead of the LinkedIn algorithm and ensure your posts reach even more people. And the more people you reach, the more likely you’ll increase your business and leads with LinkedIn!