7 Best YouTube Influencers for Financial Advisors

Looking for new ways to learn how to win more clients? Check out these popular YouTube influencers for financial advisors for cool tips & tricks.

7 Best YouTube Influencers for Financial Advisors

Learn How to Grow Your Client Base as a Financial Advisor From Influencers

If you’re a financial advisor, you probably face a slew of challenges in growing your firm.

How do I find more clients as a financial advisor and increase revenue? How can I best keep up with new industry trends and government regulations? Where do I turn for help in scaling business operations without paying inflated overhead costs to a consulting agency?

Not to mention that Millennials are poised to inherit approximately $68 trillion, yet only about 21% currently have a financial advisor. And with how technically savvy they are, you’re now also competing with self-serving apps and websites that they enjoy.

If you can’t find ways to appeal to younger potential clients, you might be jeopardizing your company’s future.

YouTube influencers for financial advisors can be a great resource. They often skew younger and they provide lots of great advice for free in their videos.

Some influencers attract a following by showing off an aspirational life. And others show you how to get there. Today we’re talking about the second kind.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite influencers who specialize in prospecting for financial advisors to help you grow your client base as a financial advisor. 

It can be tough. Reaching out to strangers and asking them to trust you with their assets isn’t easy. You need to build relationships and demonstrate value to an audience not overly interested in listening.

A bonus? You can study these financial-advisor influencers to better learn how to build client trust yourself. Creating educational content is a great way to indirectly sell to clients. You already have the knowledge to help others—start sharing it!

Top Influencers for Financial Advisors to Get More Clients

  1. Advisorist
  2. Ravi Abuvala
  3. Oechsli
  4. Michael Kitces
  5. Twenty Over Ten
  6. Streamline My Practice
  7. Josh Olfert


@Advisorist | Typical Video Length: 5–15 minutes

YouTube image for Advisorist, influencer for financial advisors.

If you’re short on time, Advisorist is a great way to learn how to acquire more clients as a financial advisor.

This coaching agency for insurance reps and financial advisors offers bite-sized videos on their YouTube channel with practical tips about scaling operations, optimizing conversions of prospects to clients and booking more appointments for lead generation. Consider this your sped-up social-selling training.

Advisorist focuses the majority of their content on LinkedIn sales (which is where you’ll likely find most of your clients these days), but they also offer advice about YouTube, email pitches and writing best practices.

You could argue this is a team of influencers, as there’s multiple advisors offering their own perspectives all in one place. The videos are notably informative without being sales-y too.

Ravi Abuvala

@RaviAbuvala | Typical Video Length: 5–60 minutes

YouTube image for Ravi Abuvala, influencer for financial advisors.

If scaling is your goal, Ravi Abuvala is your guy. He helps business owners attract more clients, improve retention rates and even learn how to approach clients about raising fees.

Unlike others on this list, he caters his advice to entrepreneurs in general instead of financial advisors specifically, but his insights are pure gold for principals or sales directors of financial-advisory firms.

The key to doing more? Doing less. Ravi focuses on automation, delegation and elimination as the three pillars for growing your business.

If that all sounds like a bunch of jargon, here’s a breakdown.


Use tools that automate different aspects of your business. For example, automation that helps you generate personal messages for your LinkedIn outreach so you don’t have to manually research and type each message.


As you scale, you’ll bring on more team members. At first you may only bring on people who have skills you don’t—but eventually you’ll want to hire people to do tasks you have the skills for but not the time.


Ultimately, the two strategies above will eliminate a lot of your personal workload—giving you more time to focus on important things like strategy, the future of your business and life outside of work.

Ravi’s main focus is digital marketing. If you’re still doing cold calls, it’s time to hang up the phone. His channel will teach you about ads on LinkedIn & Facebook and email outreach & LinkedIn messaging.


@Oechsli | Typical Video Length: 25–45 minutes

YouTube image for Oechsli, influencer for financial advisors.

Oechsli is a coaching service that specifically helps financial advisors with marketing. If you’ve ever wondered why people talk about choosing a niche—this is why. We suspect, if you’re still reading, you are their exact audience.

They have a well-rounded selection of videos to help with content creation, sales tips, thought leadership and social media use.

The best part? Oechsli is one of the more entertaining creators on this list. Most of their videos are episodes of The Stephen and Kevin Show, a podcast featuring lessons learned over the years by Oechsli’s CEO and COO.

Michael Kitces

@MichaelKitces | Typical Video Length: 30–40 minutes

YouTube image for Michael Kitces, influencer for financial advisors.

Michael Kitces shares his insights from over 20 years of experience in the financial-advisory space through his YouTube videos and also his popular blog for financial advisors, Nerd’s Eye View, which is a great resource to check out in addition to other blogs for sales professionals.

Head of Strategy at the nationwide wealth-management firm Buckingham Wealth Partners, Kitces often interviews Carl Richards, author for a decade of the (mostly) weekly New York TimesSketch Guy” financial-advice column, discussing topics that better serve more established financial advisors, making Kitces a great financial-advisor influencer to follow now and throughout your career.

Unlike some of the other advisors on this list, his focus isn’t just on marketing. He addresses challenges like fee scheduling & the fear of missing opportunities and other roadblocks you’ll likely stumble upon while talking to current or prospective clients. 

Twenty Over Ten

@twentyoverten-marketingfor9492 | Typical Video Length: 2–60 minutes

YouTube image for Twenty Over Ten, influencer for financial advisors.

Tight on time? Twenty Over Ten is a great place to start. They  post tons of quick, practical videos about acquiring new clients as a financial advisor.

This marketing-advisory firm for financial advisors, acquired by the agency FMG, has retained its YouTube channel under its existing name to maintain brand consistency for its thousands of subscribers.

Their videos will support you almost any task, like making a great website or communication strategies for financial advisors in a bear market.

Twenty Over Ten also provides a monthly hour-long webinar that goes in depth about digital marketing for financial advisors. Like many of the other influencers on this list, the primary scope of their topics is lead generation, including on LinkedIn.

If you’re unfamiliar with using social media for lead generation, checking out a LinkedIn lead-generation guide can provide a quick background on what these influencers are talking about.

Streamline My Practice

@davezoller | Typical Video Length: <10 minutes

YouTube image for Streamline My Practice, influencer for financial advisors.

If you’re looking for more than just marketing help, Dave Zoller should be one of your go-tos.

As co-owner of the firm Streamline Financial, which has its own YouTube channel with tips for clients, Zoller also publishes videos under the brand “Streamline My Practice” with advice for financial advisors.

Of many of the maxims he preaches, while prospecting for new clients may feel like the top priority, retention is your best bet to scale.

Zoller offers help with advisor marketing, practice management, client acquisition, advisor-communication strategies and customer-success strategies—everything you need to attain and retain your clients.

He’s another great option for someone with limited time (or a short attention span), as the majority of his videos are under ten minutes in length.

Josh Olfert

@JoshOlfertCFP | Typical Video Length: 10–20 minutes

YouTube image for Josh Olfert, influencer for financial advisors.

If a lot of sales tactics feel a little icky, give Josh Olfert a follow. His niche? Ethical wealth creation.

Wondering if there’s a way to get more clients…that actually works? Olfert, financial planner and founder of Haven Wealth Management, will tell you there is.

He offers tips for investing, running a business and handling the stock market—all of the things you need, without slimy tactics. He’s even got you covered on how to pitch yourself during a market crash.

On the relatively younger side, he isn’t afraid to dive into modern topics or get a little cheeky on occasion, great for helping any financial advisor get more clients through non-traditional approaches.

His style is also inspiring and worth replicating; with over 17-thousand YouTube subscribers, he’s the most popular influencer on this list dedicated exclusively towards helping financial advisors.

Improve Client Acquisition for Financial Advisors

The ultimate goal is to learn how to better market your firm and find new clients to increase revenue.

These YouTube influencers provide a wealth of knowledge on where to find more best-fit clients (and how potential clients can find you), how to reach out to potential clients and how to effectively close a higher percentage of leads in your pipeline.

But it can be a jungle out there with the hundreds of hours of video just from the names and companies listed above.

You might wonder what to do with all of this information. It can be a lot—we know.

First of all, figure out which influencers suit you best. You don’t need to follow all of them.

Ask yourself:

  • Who has content that addresses my current needs?
  • How much time can I dedicate to this?
  • Who do I find most engaging?

You’ll get the most value out of whichever creators you find interesting, helpful and accessible.

Now that you’ve learned about lead generation for financial advisors, it’s time to start putting your new knowledge to work.

But sometimes knowledge isn’t enough. If you tense up when you hear recommendations about writing more LinkedIn messages or you’re strapped on time, you can leverage LinkedIn AI to help you scale.

Automation tools can predict the likelihood of a reply from a lead to help you hone in on your outreach efforts, send messages in bulk so you can save time and suggest comments you can make to handle objections to your sales pitches.

With both prospecting and personalized outreach on LinkedIn, you’ll find more prospects and gain more time to talk them over the conversion line.