3 New Features to Optimize Your Team's Outreach

New enhancements to CoPilot AI Teams means you can work more collaboratively together and manage more campaigns than ever before.

3 New Features to Optimize Your Team's Outreach

As the saying goes, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This statement has proved to be timeless, applicable to many aspects of life.

Automated and personalized social prospecting is powerful at the individual level. But when you scale it to involve your broader team, you’re truly getting the full potential of LinkedIn and CoPilot AI together. That’s why we’ve released a range of improvements to our Teams product to help you and your team collaborate better.

What is CoPilot AI Teams?

CoPilot AI Teams is the optimal solution for 5+ people to use our product in harmony. This offering has several unique features to help you easily bring on more of your team onto CoPilot AI:

  • Centralized campaign and messaging management
  • No overlapping outreach across your search lists to ensure prospects don’t get flooded with similar messages
  • Full collaboration on messaging and strategy

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New updates are ongoing on our platform. We’re really excited to share some of the latest changes to help you and your team collaborate together better and scale your outreach further.

Comprehensive campaign search

We know you love your Prospecting and Nurture Campaigns. It’s important to run multiple simultaneously to A/B test and iterate on your messaging and strategy over time. But with so many campaigns, it’s sometimes a little too easy to get lost.

Say goodbye to endless scrolling and detective work to find that one campaign. With search, just type what you’re looking for and get to what you need in seconds, whether you have five or fifty campaigns.

Centrally managed search lists

Search lists are the fuel to your campaigns. With multiple people participating in the same campaigns, it’s important to be able to keep on top of the status of all your team members.

The new search list tab available on all campaigns allows you to quickly see and manage all the different target audiences your team is engaging with. Save time and increase efficiency by quickly managing, adding, or removing search lists assigned to each individual.

The best LinkedIn prospecting strategies are a team initiative. These new features ensure you work smarter. Spend less time working on the operations of your campaigns and more time engaging in quality conversations with your future prospects, partners, and customers.