4 Effective Ideas for Lead Nurture Messages & Campaigns

We wanted to share some ideas for lead nurture messages and campaigns in anticipation of our upcoming LinkedIn lead nurture tool!

4 Effective Ideas for Lead Nurture Messages & Campaigns

Before diving into this blog, be sure to check out part one of this two-part series on lead nurturing.

The time is almost here! And no, I don’t mean the holidays. Our LinkedIn lead nurture tool is nearly ready for launch and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all soon.

In anticipation of our launch, we thought it would be a good time to give you some ideas on ways you can utilize our lead nurture tool. We’ve put together the below examples of four types of LinkedIn nurture messages / campaigns you can try out.

1) Sharing Content - sharing value and insight

One of the most effective types of nurture messages is for sharing content. Whether it’s with a blog, whitepaper or video, the purpose of this type of campaign is to provide value and share insight. Marketer’s have been doing this in their email nurtures for years, and you're likely subscribed to at least one content-sharing campaign. Now with the release of our upcoming lead nurture tool, you’ll be able to mimic this on LinkedIn!

Since the goal is to provide value, you want to avoid ‘salesy’ messages that push recipients towards booking a meeting. Instead, position yourself as a thought leader with valuable information and insights you want to share with your audience. The ultimate goal for this campaign is to have prospects engage with your content.

Message example: Hey [name], we recently published this article on [topic] and I thought you might be interested in it. Give it a read, I’d love to hear your thoughts! [article link].

2) Business Development - meeting / demo funnel

Unlike the previous example, the goal for this campaign is to have prospects book a meeting or demo. It’s ok for your messaging to be a little more direct in this campaign.

One example of what you could use this campaign for is following-up with prospects that you were talking to at some point, but for whatever reason put a pause on the conversation. Maybe the timing wasn’t right and the prospect asked you to follow-up in the new year. Whatever the reason for the pause, this would be a good campaign to bucket those people into.

Once enough time has passed since you last spoke (for example, if they asked you to reach back out in 4 months, wait 4 months), you can schedule the first nurture message. Try to steer them towards wanting to book a time to further discuss where you last left things off.

Message example: Hey [name], it’s been a while since I first reached out to you. Thought I’d touch base and see if you’d had any more time to think about [X]?

3) Event - funneling people to an event (time sensitive)

If you have an event coming up that requires sign ups, such as a webinar, you could build this into a nurture campaign. The goal for this campaign would be for the message recipient to sign up to attend. This campaign works best when a time-sensitive action is required.

A good segue into the nurture messages for this campaign could be to mention the pandemic. Now that in-person events are extremely limited, we’ve seen a rise in digital events. So using digital channels like LinkedIn is a great way to reach out your network or continually nurture your network.

Message example: Hi , we are hosting an event for  and thought you’d be interested! The event will be 100% virtual, since we can’t meet in person just yet. Let me know if you’d like me to send the agenda/attendee list and we can set up some time this week to connect and go over details!

4) Check In - general

Lastly, for anything that doesn’t fit in the above three campaign ideas, you can create a generalized campaign. The use cases for this type of campaign are endless, but one example of how you could use it is to check-in.

If you’ve spoken to these prospects before at some point, you could bucket them into this campaign. If you’re looking for an ‘in’ or a reason to reach out, you can take the casual approach and simply ask how things are going for them in their roles or industries. You could even use this as an opportunity to check-in to see how business is going during these troubling times. The uses are infinite.

Message example: Hey , it’s been awhile since we last chatted. Thought I’d check-in and see how business is going for you?

Now that you’re equipped with a few ideas on nurture messages and campaigns, we hope you’re as excited as we are for the launch of Nurture! In the meantime, check out our Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Lead Gen to ensure your LinkedIn prospecting is ramped up, and check-back for updates regarding product launches.