How to Use LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents to Get Leads

If you're a real estate agent, using LinkedIn to find new leads is key to success. This guide will teach you the best ways to use Linkedin to find clients and grow your business!

How to Use LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents to Get Leads

Optimize your LinkedIn to boost your lead conversion in the long run

You’ve developed a brand, invested in a website, tirelessly advertised on listings platforms, held in-person events, and even spent a bomb on traditional media. But it’s just not been good enough to get you those juicy leads you’re after. Does this sound familiar?

Well, there’s another avenue you’re missing: social media. But we’re not talking about the obligatory setting up of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. You need to focus your efforts on where they’ll count the most. 

That’s where using LinkedIn comes in.

But what if you’ve already explored the massively popular professional network and still not got results? We’re here to help. Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to get the most out of LinkedIn.

Remember, working hard is great–but it’s not enough without working smart.

Why LinkedIn Is The Best Bet For Real Estate Agents To Generate Leads

Before we get to our list of tips and tricks on how to generate leads more effectively, let’s take a look at why LinkedIn is better than the rest.

Higher Conversion Rates

LinkedIn’s unique professional environment makes for higher conversion rates than other major ad platforms. Not just by a little bit either–it’s a whopping 3 times as much. In fact, in the B2B world, it’s known that around 80% of all leads generated on social media are through LinkedIn. This means there’s no better place for those looking for a professional audience–the kind of people more likely to buy real estate.

This brings us to…

Ideal Demographics

LinkedIn's user base is perfectly situated for the type of audience real estate agents are looking to find on several metrics. 

You want to target an audience that has the ability and the desire to buy property, and for that, there’s no better market than the wealthy: 2 out of 3 wealthy Americans own more than one home and the ones who don’t are interested in acquiring one in the future. 

This bodes well for real estate agents looking to generate leads on LinkedIn because a December 2022 survey indicates that 53% of LinkedIn users in the United States have a high monthly household income, with half earning more than $75,000 annually

However, it’s not just all about the rich. Young people, particularly millennials, are now looking to buy homes. A survey from Bank of America shows that 67% of millennials are “likely” to buy a house in the next 2 years. This perfectly aligns with LinkedIn’s user base, the majority of which are millennials, followed by the 35-54 age group.

But are there enough people like this? You want to target a platform with a lot of users, and a lot of active users in particular. Out of LinkedIn’s 900 million global members, 199 million are from the US alone–with 69% of US users accessing the platform daily!

Consequently, LinkedIn offers a higher probability of connecting with individuals in the ideal position to engage with real estate agents.

Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio

When advertising or posting content on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, real estate agents find themselves competing with a variety of entertainment content–from stand-up to soccer. 

However, LinkedIn's more focused and professional environment results in a lower signal-to-noise ratio. Yes, people spend time scrolling through content here too, but they expect this content to be more serious and work-oriented. They engage in professional pursuits, be it through joining common-interest groups for networking or researching businesses and brands. 

As a result, you have a greater chance of catching the attention of potential leads. 

What Are The Best Ways To Generate More Leads on LinkedIn?

Now that we’ve got the why out of the way, let’s answer the how. Using LinkedIn is great, but you need to have a plan. Here are 7 effective tools and techniques for real estate agents to generate more leads on LinkedIn:

  1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Maximum Impact

It all starts with your profile. This must be a compelling, comprehensive representation of your expertise and brand. 

  • Looking professional is the first way to build credibility. Get rid of that selfie you uploaded 5 years ago, and make sure you have a professional headshot.
  • After your profile picture, pay attention to your banner image, an often underutilized part of a profile page. You have the space here to add visuals and include a call to action or a succinct one-liner description.
  • Add a catchy headline that highlights your role as a real estate professional. You can even alter your name on LinkedIn to include popular keywords as a title. For example: “Max Nayyar - Real Estate Specialist.”
  • Craft a well-written summary that communicates your unique selling points, your specialties in the real estate market, and your commitment to providing exceptional service. 

Pro tip: go take a look at your top competitor’s profiles! Think about what they’re doing and how you can improve on it. This might also help you find relevant keywords to improve your visibility in search results.

  • Get some recommendations! Build your credibility by letting potential clients know that you’re someone people are willing to put their name behind. Don’t feel shy about giving others recommendations too–goodwill goes a long way.
  1. Leverage Social Selling Techniques

It may sound a little technical but social selling on LinkedIn is essentially just a modern update to relationship building. Selling products and services isn’t enough; you need to build trust and meaningful relationships with potential clients. 

If you take a look at the leading influencers and prominent figures in your field, you’ll start to notice a pattern. They all engage heavily with others on the platform. Over time, audiences begin to follow them because they add value

  • Share others’ content effectively. This puts less pressure on having to come up with original content while still keeping you active. However, you also need to thoroughly ensure what you’re sharing is insightful and credible to ensure you don’t come off as spam. At the same time, don’t neglect your own content.
  • Be a proactive commentator. Engaging with trending posts and top influencers is a great way to attract new audiences. Commenting on these posts allows you to catch the attention of an already-established, relevant audience. If you can contribute to the conversation in a way that impresses and informs, people are more likely to click on your profile and look at what you’re all about.
  • Participate in relevant groups. Active groups are a great feature of LinkedIn for connecting with new people. Groups formed around common interests and pursuits can be narrowed down to find those in your geographical area or pertaining to your target audience. But before you find people who fit your buyer personas, become an active participant in the group. You don’t want to be seen as a lurker just there to market themselves. The more you give to a community, the more people recognize you.
  1. Harness the Power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

There’s a reason why over 80% of the Forbes Cloud 100 are using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It’s a game-changing tool for real estate lead generation which offers advanced search filters that enable you to target specific demographics, industries, and job titles most relevant to your real estate business. Instead of just shooting in the dark, you can use data to find your most optimal leads.

The InMail feature, a product of LinkedIn Premium, allows you to send personalized and engaging messages to prospects who aren’t in your network. It has a proven track record of being more successful in getting people to open your messages and is worth the investment. 

Using these tools will give you an edge in finding high-quality leads and converting them into potential clients.

  1. Employ LinkedIn AI Messaging for Effective Communication

A valuable tool to automate and streamline your lead generation efforts is LinkedIn AI messaging. AI-powered chatbots don’t just save time and energy–they allow you to reach out to a much wider audience while not compromising on quality.

The chatbots can be used to initiate conversations with your prospects, offer assistance and answer common queries. You don’t want to miss out on prospects because you didn’t respond quickly enough! The tool also allows you to personalize your messaging. Take advantage of this feature to create meaningful interactions, have real-time conversations, and nurture potential leads.

  1. Develop a Targeted LinkedIn Sales Strategy

As the saying goes, by failing to prepare, you prepare to fail. Planning is everything! 

Having a well-structured LinkedIn sales strategy will make all the difference to your lead generation efforts. 

Basic steps include outlining your goals, vision, budgets, and timelines. But you need to dive a little deeper than that. Like any good marketing strategy, you need to outline your buyer personas and communication frameworks for reaching out to them. This will enable you to create content that’s actually tailored to their needs and interests. Remember: nobody wants generic advice!

Content strategies need to devise and pay attention to key performance indicators and constantly learn from them. There’s no point in releasing a report every week that nobody’s interested in. You can try putting out different types of content, from videos and graphics to podcasts and newsletters, to see what sticks.

Strategizing on LinkedIn will also help you find the right groups to join, the best people to reach out to, and the best content to engage with. 

  1. Analyze and Refine Your Lead Generation Efforts

Monitoring your KPIs is a complex task. There are a lot of metrics to analyze the performance of your content so you need to pay close attention to continually improve your lead generation. 

LinkedIn’s analytics is a great tool to measure post engagement, profile views, outreach messages, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator campaigns. The platform even has a tool to measure your social selling efforts!

Identify. Analyze. Refine.

  1. Diversify Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Activities

There’s a whole host of lead-generation activities that real estate agents can utilize to attract potential clients. Here are a few ideas:

  • Host webinars or virtual events on topics relevant to the real estate market, such as home-buying tips, market trends, or investment strategies. These events allow you to showcase your knowledge while collecting leads from participants. 
  • Leverage LinkedIn ads to reach a wider audience, and use sponsored content to promote your most valuable offerings. 
  • Consider partnering with other professionals, such as mortgage brokers or home stagers, to co-create content and tap into each other's networks for increased lead generation potential.

Generate The Best Leads on LinkedIn With CoPilot AI!

Lead generation for LinkedIn sounds like a lot. But there is an easier way to streamline your workload and maximize efficiency. 

CoPilot AI is the ultimate ally in attracting high-quality leads. Our AI-powered platform builds effective campaigns, organizes your outreach, optimizes social selling, and leverages LinkedIn Sales Navigator to connect you with your target audience effectively. 

Manual lead generation is a lot of hard work. But like we said–you need to work smarter too.