3 Exciting Ways to Take Advantage of the NEW CoPilot AI & Zapier Integration

We are huge fans of Zapier! So it seemed like a no-brainer to include a CoPilot AI & Zapier integration. Here are 3 ways you can use it in your lead gen.

3 Exciting Ways to Take Advantage of the NEW  CoPilot AI & Zapier Integration

If you’re first hearing of Zapier, there’s a part of our team that’s truly jealous that you are just learning of this amazing integration tool and all the things you can do with it!

We at CoPilot AI use Zapier in almost every step of our lead generation funnels, so it made a lot of sense to our Engineering team to develop an integration that both our internal teams (did you know we’re the heaviest users of our own product?!) and our customers could use.

Read on to learn about three different ways you could choose to implement the integration to your own workflows:

1) Lead Generation Campaigns: push your high-value replies to Slack

Like many CoPilot AI users, you might want to make use of the new Zapier integration in your CoPilot AI lead generation campaigns.

Lead generation campaigns are any campaigns when the goal is to generate more contacts or prospects for your pipeline and eventually try to convert them into a customer. In these campaigns you’re generally asking prospects to jump on a discovery call, inviting them to a virtual event or webinar, or asking them to visit your website and convert there.

A very effective way you can save time and stay on the ball with your lead gen campaign is to sync your campaign replies to an alert or instant messaging tool through the CoPilot AI Zapier integration. You can do this by setting up the Zap so that when you get a response that includes the item you’ve asked for (like an email, or phone number) the Zap will alert you in the instant messenger of your choice.

An app like Slack is great for this, because it will alert you when you get a positive response, and you’re probably already using the app throughout your workday. This integration will help you respond quickly to those high-value conversations because we all know the quicker the response, the more likely you are to book that prospect.  

Example below of what this looks like on Slack:

2) Content Distribution Campaigns: push prospects contact information into a CRM or marketing automation tool

Another way to use a Zapier integration is with a campaign where the goal is to distribute content to a target audience you’ve gained from CoPilot AI. Many customers use CoPilot AI as a way to share out their content, and with CoPilot AIs niche targeting capabilities, you can share to a very targeted group of prospects.

If you want to also share your content through an email campaign instead of through the CoPilot AI dashboard, consider pushing those prospects into your CRM.

Marketing Automation or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are great for sending out your content --- and with the CoPilot AI tool gathering emails for you, your list becomes very qualified as those contacts have all opted in from your outbound messages. In this example, you can position your messages in your CoPilot AI campaign to ask your prospects if they want to be added to your opt-in content list and then set up your Zap so that it checks your responses for an email, and automatically send that email from CoPilot AI to your CRM!

Pushing contact information or emails to your CRM from a Zap is a great way to integrate your entire sales funnel into your CoPilot AI campaigns.

3) Conversation History for Account Transfer: push all conversation history to your CRM

A challenge that many larger sales and account teams have to overcome is the inevitability of transferring a prospect to a customer without losing sight of the different touchpoints your team has with that one person.

It can be really frustrating for a prospect when they have to repeat themselves over and over, answering the same questions because the knowledge transfer of the conversations didn’t take place. This is where the CoPilot AI and Zapier integration can save your team time, and drive some great value for building relationships.

For example, imagine if a Business Development Representative (BDR) is talking to a prospect via a CoPilot AI lead generation campaign. Once the BDR passes that lead to an Account Executive (AE) to run a demo or discovery call, all the conversation that happened in CoPilot AI is lost and needs to be manually transferred to a CRM or verbally updated to the AE. With the Zapier integration, you can now Zap your conversation over to your CRM, giving the entire conversation as a tool for the AE to pick up where the BDR left off on.  

The [CoPilot AI & Zapier] World is Your Oyster...

In conclusion, how you want to play with our integration is really up to your team and the workflows you have in place or eventually want to put in place. The three suggestions are really a starting point for you to save time and allow you better visibility into your sales funnel. Let us know how you use the CoPilot AI and Zapier integration, we are eager to see what you come up with!

Happy prospecting!