How to get clients from LinkedIn: A guide for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Learn how to turn LinkedIn into the primary source of clients for your business. Unleash the power of sales intelligence to find prospects and close deals.

How to get clients from LinkedIn: A guide for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is the most powerful social media platform for professionals and business owners.

In fact, LinkedIn can help you reach out to more than 65 million+ decision-makers through its platform. So how do you turn those huge numbers into revenue-generating deals for your business?

The key to being successful on LinkedIn is to reach out to the right prospects at the right time with the right message. It starts by supercharging your account through their paid subscription, LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This subscription enables you to accelerate your client prospecting efforts by tapping into the full database of LinkedIn. From there, you can reach out to highly targeted audience segments most relevant to your business. 

We’ve built our proven approach to social prospecting through years of experience helping clients across industries unlock the full potential of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. From using targeted searches and personalized introductions to connecting with valuable prospects to converting customers with a killer CTA, here’s all you need to do:

Step 1: Use personalized introductions to find common ground

Once you sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the tool lets you target your ideal clients with incredible precision using advanced search functions. You can use filters like Open Profiles and Shared Experiences to find new leads with whom you share common ground. You can also target your prospects by job title and professional profile.

Once you’ve found these potential clients, reach out to them with a highly personalized connection request that speaks to their challenges and pain points. Make a great first impression with a custom message that speaks to their wants and needs.

CoPilot AI is an artificial intelligence-based prospecting dashboard that’s sent targeted messages to over 70 million prospects. Not only does it offer high-quality recommendations for personalized messaging, but it also provides a bird’s eye view of your connections to help you figure out who to reach out to and when.

Step 2: Uncover pain points and build rapport with new clients

Lead generation requires precise timing. Reaching out with a generic sales pitch on your very first interaction with a prospective customer is a good way to alienate and aggravate them. 

That’s why you need to slowly build rapport with your new connections with a series of personalized messages sent in regular succession. The key is to get them to know and trust you as you uncover what really matters to them. 

CoPilot AI lets you view your prospects’ contact information right next to their message history. That way, you can easily take notes on conversations and use them to send more targeted messages in the future. 

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Step 3: Make a Sales Pitch That’s Relevant to Their Challenges

Once you’ve built rapport with your LinkedIn connections and feel confident that you understand their needs and pain points, it’s time to hit them with your awesome sales pitch and make your case as to why they should invest in your product or service.

The path to a great sales pitch is to explain to your prospect how your product solves their specific challenges and alleviates their pain points. Use the information that you’ve collected so far to optimize your pitch and give your customers what they really want. 

Above all else, focus on identifying your prospect's business problems and figure out what's keeping them up at night. Continue to nurture the relationship you've built, but also know if your product or service can truly help them. If not, pushing for a sale may not be the best idea, and could avoid a future customer who might be a bad fit.

Step 4: Explain What to Do Next With a Powerful Call to Action

CoPilot AI helps you precisely target market segments with highly relevant sales pitches on LinkedIn. But your pitch has little value if it doesn’t motivate your prospects to take action. Explain to them what exactly it is that they need to do to take the next step and engage with your business.

Don’t make them work for it — instead, make your call to action succinct and obvious so that everyone understands. The more complicated your call to action (CTA), the less likely your prospects are to take action.

The purpose of a good CTA is to avoid decision fatigue and encourage prospects to act right away. Sometimes, you can even create a sense of urgency that encourages and rewards prompt decision-making. You can do this by highlighting a limited-time offer or an industry-wide shift that will make the purchase immediately worthwhile. 

Step 5: Seamlessly Convert Your Leads Into Customers

Once you’ve made a personalized sales pitch that ends with a succinct CTA, it’s only a matter of time before the potential customers start pouring in. If you don’t receive a response, it’s reasonable to follow up with your prospects a few times before you move on. 

In fact, did you know that 80% of sales require at least 5 follow-ups? Compared to that, 44% of salespeople give up after only the first phone call. That’s a lot of potential revenue left on the table, but also a critical opportunity for you to swoop in.

Don’t be afraid of repetition when it comes to optimizing your sales process. Sometimes, it’s okay to reach out to prospective clients about the same thing more than a couple of times. Remember to provide incremental value with each successive follow-up so that you don’t get lost in the LinkedIn inbox noise.

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