8 Best YouTube Influencers for Marketing Agencies

Looking for tips and inspiration to convert more leads into clients for your marketing agency? We found the best YouTube influencers for you.

8 Best YouTube Influencers for Marketing Agencies

Scale Your Marketing Agency by Learning from Expert YouTube Influencers

Running a marketing agency comes with a neverending to-do list that far exceeds actual client work.

From figuring out how to master your LinkedIn sales strategy to navigating advances in technology (you’ve used ChatGPT, right?), there’s no shortage of work—or learning—to do.

Luckily, some experts stay ahead of the curve and publish content to help you learn everything you need to adapt and grow your agency. Rather than sell you on the latest fashions, these influencers share strategies that generate revenue.

Of course, there’re endless streams of content on the internet, and some aren’t the best. That’s why we’ve scoped out the eight best YouTube influencers for marketing agencies.

If you start to feel inspired, you can study the content on these channels to get ideas on how you, too, can create videos as part of your sales & marketing strategy.

Learning from influencers and applying your knowledge means you can start social selling, the art of producing and sharing content on social media to enhance your reputation to attract leads, a marketing strategy for agencies.

And you can improve your outreach campaigns, like LinkedIn lead generation, with a stronger online reputation for better sales conversations with more leads.

So take your notebooks out and get ready to hit “follow” to learn from these eight influencers for marketing agencies!

Top 8 YouTube Influencers for Marketing Agencies to Get More Clients

  1. Directive Consulting
  2. Greg Hickman
  3. Zita
  4. Ryan Stewart
  5. Jason Swenk
  6. Crawling Mondays by Aleyda
  7. Sell Your Service
  8. Neil Patel

1. Directive Consulting

@DirectiveConsultingIrvine | Typical Video Length: 1–10 minutes

If you’re looking for tips on customer growth (and we assume that’s why you’re here), Directive Consulting is a must-watch channel.

As a marketing agency focused on customer generation, they have proven tips to help you win more clients.

In particular, Directive Consulting offers a wealth of information on running successful online ad campaigns that convert. For example, in one video they’ll help you decide whether LinkedIn company lists or contact lists are the best targeting method for your business.

With videos ranging from 1–10 minutes, Directive Consulting is a low-effort watch to improve your sales funnel.

2. Greg Hickman

@gregoryjhickman | Typical Video Length: 5–15 minutes

Follow Greg Hickman to discover how marketing your agency as a product that generates results will help you attract and retain more clients.

Historically, marketing agencies advertise themselves as a service. The problem? People buy the outcome, not the output.

The outcome he sells? Balancing purpose, enjoyment and profit in your own life. A much better pitch than just scaling and automating your work to grow your business.

Another benefit to marketing your agency as a product? Retention. If people view your agency as a set of services, their loyalty lies with the individuals providing each service. That means your clients are only as loyal as your current employees. By selling a full-scale product, your clients will go to you for the outcome—not an individual for output.

3. Zita

@ceozita | Typical Video Length: 10–20 minutes

Just starting out with your marketing agency? Learn to scale your new business with Zita.

Building your client base from scratch can feel daunting, but Zita offers advice in 10–20 minute tidbits that will help you scale fast.

With video topics like how to sign a client without a case study or how to overcome common sales objections, Zita offers the perfect advice to get your agency off the ground.

4. Ryan Stewart

@NOTRyanStewart | Typical Video Length: 5–20 minutes

If your agency specializes in B2B work or SEO, Ryan Stewart is a great resource. With over a decade of success founding his own companies and helping others grow, he’s an expert in increasing web traffic and conversions.

Ryan is also a great resource if you’re curious (or worried) about AI. He offers predictions about how AI will impact SEO as well as tips on how to use ChatGPT to write articles.

If you’re looking for more, you can also check out Ryan’s podcast The Mind of a Marketer for answers to the top problems facing marketers today.

5. Jason Swenk

@Jasonswenk | Typical Video Length: 5–30 minutes

We highly recommend you check out Jason Swenk, as his entire business is dedicated to growing digital marketing agencies.

He focuses on helping digital agencies scale to become eight-figure businesses (even if you’re starting from nothing) with an eight-system framework for growth.

Learn to market yourself on LinkedIn with videos like how to master LinkedIn messaging as an agency. It highlights the importance of effectively using AI for LinkedIn messages to scale your business beyond the 15–20 clients.

You can also tune in to the Smart Agency Master Class podcast, where Jason features strategies and stories from other agency owners about their experiences.

6. Crawling Mondays by Aleyda

@CrawlingMondaysbyAleyda | Typical Video Length: 20–30 minutes

Marketing comes in many forms, and no doubt you’ve heard that SEO is one of them. Whether your services include SEO content and you’re looking to stay on top of trends or you need SEO help yourself, you should follow Crawling Mondays by Aleyda.

Learn how to build your audience and authority by earning backlinks or get ideas on how to grow your SEO marketing agency.

Crawling Mondays by SEO expert Aleyda Solis provides different and relevant perspectives, as Solis brings expert panelists to each video to ensure you’re getting reputable advice on each topic.

7. Sell Your Service

@SellYourService | Typical Video Length: 1–30 minutes

At Sell Your Service, Mike Killen is on a mission to help you make more money while finding enjoyment and balance in your life. Need we say more?

He focuses on a few key areas—closing higher-ticket clients, learning to optimize your operations and simplifying your problems. The end goal? Less work and more time for you.

If you always feel like there’s never enough hours in the day, Mike has some tips on how to manage your time to reach both long- and short-term business goals. Eventually, you’ll be able to scale your business in about six hours per day, while working with your body’s natural energy flows to maximize efficiency.

8. Neil Patel

@neilpatel | Typical Video Length: 5–25 minutes

We’ve saved one of our favorites for last.

Neil Patel is THE influencer to follow for digital marketing advice. Named the number one marketer in the world by Entrepreneur magazine and awarded by the United Nations, Neil excels at helping businesses big and small (like, FAANG big) grow through digital marketing.

If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around AI, you can get a breakdown from Neil Patel on revolutionizing marketing with AI. He’ll tell you whether or not it’s accurate, how it generates answers and why he thinks marketers are still here to stay (phew).

Many of his videos are recordings from paid public-speaking gigs, so if you’re doubtful of the average content creator, Neil is definitely where you’ll want to direct your attention. Oh, and he’s the most entertaining of the bunch.

Grow Your Marketing Agency with YouTube Influencers and LinkedIn AI

If you’re sorting through these influencers trying to figure out where to direct your attention, consider your goals and time commitment. Who do you have time to watch? And what are you hoping to learn from these creators?

There are two key learning categories from the various influencers on this list.

  1. New marketing strategies you can learn and apply as a marketing agency.
  2. Business strategies to increase revenue and clients at your agency.

The latter is probably your bigger pain point—though every marketer should stay on top of new trends and approaches.

Your marketing knowledge will help you sell, and so will learning about sales, from other successful marketers.

Your current understanding of marketing plans should make it easy to master LinkedIn lead generation to outreach to business owners & operators on LinkedIn so you can pitch your marketing services.

If you haven’t noticed, AI has been a hot topic throughout this article (and just in the business world in general). While we may not know exactly what that means for marketing in five years, we do know there are ways you can leverage it today to support your growth.

Augment your sales efforts with LinkedIn AI and free up some of your time so you can learn from these YouTube experts.