6 Reasons Financial Advisors Should Use Sales Navigator

Want to grow your firm and find more prospects of high net worths? Learn how financial advisors who use LinkedIn Sales Navigator win more sales.

6 Reasons Financial Advisors Should Use Sales Navigator

Learn How LinkedIn Sales Navigator Helps Financial Advisors Win More Clients

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable lead-prospecting tools that facilitates networking for financial advisors. Most financial-services firms swear by it for one key reason—it has a better return-on-investment than cold-calling, emailing or running web advertisements, enabling financial advisors to engage in reputation marketing and build a strong network.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator improves the lead-generation process by parsing personalized data with sophisticated algorithms to help with prospecting for financial advisors. Sales Navigator helps financial advisors prospect and message leads at scale at unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Let’s understand why LinkedIn Sales Navigator is so important for financial-services businesses to generate leads at scale.

Why LinkedIn Sales Navigator Helps Financial Advisors Scale 

Financial advisors can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to scale their firm by finding professionals of high net worths as potential clients and then messaging them to secure new business.

As you’ll see in our LinkedIn lead-generation guide, LinkedIn is perfect for financial advisors to find new business as its user base leans towards professionals and entrepreneurs who are more likely than average users on other social networks to need services in financial management.  

In an industry as competitive as financial management, several barriers to entry in financial services exist, such as having fewer operational resources than large firms associated with commercial banks, stagnating the scalability of a financial-services business.

Scaling allows businesses to overcome the competition in the best way possible—by generating more revenue and establishing a strong network that enhances their brand reputation.

But generating leads at scale is harder than it sounds. It requires financial advisors to identify, contact and convert prospects at a very high pace.

Plus, prospecting requires extreme efficiency to ensure that the sales funnel generates enough high-quality leads to support scaling processes. That is where smart prospecting tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be of great help.

Sales Navigator has several advanced features to automate and streamline your LinkedIn sales strategy. These include:

  • 20+ advanced search filters, including company size, business sector and recent job changes.
  • Embedded profile integrations across sales tech stacks so all employees can access Sales Navigator leads.
  • Smart Links, which allow prospecting teams to package a wide variety of content into one link to easily track engagement statistics.

Why Financial Advisors Should Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

Sales Navigator’s immense potential as a proactive prospecting tool makes it the perfect choice for financial advisors to grow their firms by finding and reaching out to new potential clients.

Here are six reasons why you should use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for marketing yourself as a financial advisor:

6 Benefits of Sales Navigator for Financial Advisors

  1. Strong Sales Research
  2. Efficiently Organize LinkedIn Leads
  3. Collaborate Better Between Prospecting Teams
  4. Intelligent Data-Analysis Tools
  5. Easily Integrate with Third-Party Prospecting Apps
  6. Send LinkedIn Connection Messages Efficiently

1. Strong Sales Research 

According to a LinkedIn sales report, about 82% of top-performing salespeople always conduct research before messaging a prospect.

Strong sales research helps financial advisors discover leads with a high chance of conversion. LinkedIn Sales Navigator empowers users to conduct advanced, filter-based searches that generate better results than from LinkedIn’s general search, customized to meet specific preset criteria to increase your odds of finding viable leads.

For example, you could search by typical industries and job types that your prospects are likely to be employed in and which overlap with how you’ve defined your target audience.

Once you add a profile as a lead, you can easily track it through automatic notifications that inform you of major developments, such as a new job or a change in job title.

2. Efficiently Organize LinkedIn Leads

One of the biggest issues with LinkedIn prospecting is organizing all lead data in one place. The general platform allows you to manually search for profiles whenever you want to track or message them, which can be tedious with hundreds of leads to manage.

Sales Navigator solves this problem so users can view all of their saved leads on a single CRM-style list. These leads can be organized according to several custom parameters, like time since the last update and geographical region, enabling you to track and organize LinkedIn leads more efficiently.

You can also build special criteria-based lead sublists. Say you’re targeting New York-based prospects in law or medicine. With Sales Navigator you can create and title a lead sublist with only New York-based lawyers & doctors and organize & track it just like any other list.

3. Collaborate Better Between Prospecting Teams 

Sales Navigator offers advanced team features that empower teams to collaborate throughout the prospecting process. You can share every lead list and sublist with other users who can leave notes for each prospect. Your team  can therefore exchange information without switching platforms and win more clients.

Additionally, Sales Navigator comes with elaborate user-access control capabilities so account administrators can monitor data-access permissions. Each of your sales reps have their own data-access permissions and licenses to ensure that lead data is always secure.

4. Intelligent Data-Analysis Tools 

Sales Navigator account admins have access to usage and lead-performance statistics divided into three key categories: Overview, Usage and Effectiveness. 

The Overview tab sums up activity data daily and shows it at the top of the reporting screen.

The Usage panel provides information on all outbound activity conducted by you and your prospecting team, including:

  • Number of searches performed
  • Number of leads saved
  • Number of leads transferred to CRM
  • Total smart links created and shared
  • Total lists created and shared

The Effectiveness panel monitors the efficiency and performance of your prospecting strategies, providing information on:

  • InMail-acceptance rates for messages
  • Unique connections formed
  • Smart-view link views

These in-built data-analysis capabilities make it easier for prospecting teams to monitor their overall performance in terms of actionable statistics like content engagement (through smart-links statistics), message-request acceptance rates and the number of unique connections formed through content engagement & cold-contacting. 

5. Easily Integrate with Third-Party Prospecting Apps 

Financial advisors looking for business-scale data analytics and CRM capabilities from their LinkedIn prospecting tools can easily integrate third-party apps with Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator integrates with several Sales Navigator Partner Applications (SNAP), including Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics 365 and data-analytics tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and InsightSquared.

You can also directly export all usage reporting and effectiveness data from a Sales Navigator profile to business-intelligence apps.  or sync lead lists with CRM applications, where they’re displayed as embedded profiles that you can manage and analyze like any other lead.

6. Send LinkedIn Connection Messages Efficiently

Sending messages to prospective clients on LinkedIn to pitch your financial-advisory services is challenging enough without LinkedIn’s restrictions on how you can send messages and how many you can send.

Thankfully, Sales Navigator alleviates these restrictions by making it more efficient to manage messages via a unique inbox and by providing InMail credits.

Normal LinkedIn users can only message first-degree connections or send LinkedIn connection messages by appending notes to connection requests. But they can pay extra to message people who aren’t first-degree connections and without needing to send a connection request via what are known as LinkedIn InMail messages.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you get a complimentary monthly stipend of InMail credits to help overcome messaging restrictions.

LinkedIn Lead Automation with Sales Navigator for Financial Advisors

While prospecting tools like Sales Navigator help streamline and organize leads better, you still need to conduct extensive LinkedIn outreach to generate the amount and quality of leads you’re looking for.

Manually messaging lots of leads while regularly checking in on ones you already have in your pipeline isn’t efficient. Manual outreach defeats the purpose of prospecting tools like Sales Navigator, which is to generate and manage leads at scale.

This is where LinkedIn lead-automation software can help. With only so many free monthly InMail messages granted to Sales Navigator users, sending connection messages in bulk via LinkedIn outreach sequences can fully optimize your campaigns.

Automating LinkedIn lead generation for financial advisors enables you to scale outreach campaigns with bulk connection messages to start winning new clients!

With CoPilot AI, you can further increase your funnel’s volume of high-quality leads with automation that predicts the likelihood of positive replies to your messages, uncovers the sentiment of a prospect’s reply and helps personalize messages based on a prospect’s profile.