LinkedIn Nurture - The secret sauce to keep your lead pipeline flowing

When used right, your LinkedIn network is a ripe source for highly engaged leads. Nurture strategies are key to reaching them. In this webinar, we'll walk through why LinkedIn nurture is your secret weapon.

First-degree LinkedIn networks are one of the most underused lead channels in your arsenal. When used right, you can save big on time and money, plus find relevant leads quicker. The only way to effectively fully tap into your LinkedIn network at scale is through an effective nurturing strategy. In this webinar, join Nylah Eckford (Account Strategist at CoPilot AI) as she walks through how you can fill your pipeline with hot leads from within your network, and show how you can automate and personalize your approach to nurture.

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This webinar will cover:

The gaps in your existing growth channels
Your growth channels might be effective, but are you tapping into the opportunities closest to you?
Building a nurture strategy
Reach your first-degree network in a value-driven way to stay top of mind and advance conversations
LinkedIn nurture with CoPilot AI
Automate and scale your outreach to your first-degree network. Save time and get more leads