Case Study - Professional Training & Coaching

Learn how this small business owner took his local business international with the help of CoPilot AI

Stan Matthews, CEO
The Matthews Business Network
Professional Training & Coaching

“My goal of having a global professional network is happening in real-time with CoPilot AI.”

The Matthews Business Network is the premier growth platform for established Black and Urban business owners, professionals, and non-profit organizations, with over 1,800 members across the United States. Stan Matthews is the network’s CEO. His personal mission is to empower black entrepreneurs through creating opportunities and connections within this community.

It’s critical that The Matthews Business Network continue to grow to truly enable its member individuals and businesses to thrive.

And it’s no secret that building a good network takes personal connection. That’s why Stan needed to find a way to reach thousands of professionals, and manage all those conversations.

Personalized connections at scale

So, what audience would be best to reach out to? For Stan, it was closer than he thought: his LinkedIn network with thousands of connections.

With CoPilot AI, Stan runs a Nurture Campaign that puts outreach on autopilot within his first-degree LinkedIn network. He’s reaching his target audience directly, and building hundreds of relationships in a natural, efficient, and personalized way.

So what is a Nurture Campaign ? Nurture Campaigns enable automated messaging to your first-degree network

He’s constantly adding new messages to his Nurture Campaign to keep his network engaged over time, and keep The Matthews Business Network top of mind.

Nurture Campaigns are a game changer: while Stan is closing a steady amount of deals in the short-term, many others are not ready to buy immediately. In those cases, nurturing enables Stan to reconnect with them a few months down the line when they are ready to close the deal or join his network.

It’s a marathon, and a sprint

Whether it’s closing fast or investing in relationships that will last a lifetime, Stan is getting the best of both worlds from CoPilot AI. He’s building a world-class professional network right before his eyes, and he has a strong plan of action to get there.

In the short-term, he’s already tripled his investments from CoPilot AI, acquiring new customers who are truly passionate about The Matthews Business Network and its mission.

But Stan is playing the long game, and he knows that to be successful, he needs to keep his connections nurtured and engaged. He has built an incredible level of brand awareness and reputation through his outreach strategy, and he’s never had more interest before.

Because of CoPilot AI, The Matthews Business Network is now looking international, and plans to start new chapters in the Caribbean. This is their first global expansion, and the sky truly is the limit as their growth strategy truly taps into the full potential of LinkedIn.