Case Study - Marketing Agency

How building a meaningful network of new business meetings helped this agency owner close his largest account to date.

Connor Lagman Founder at Attention Digital
Attention Digital
Marketing Agency

“CoPilot AI does exactly what it promises. I’m not surprised it works, but I am surprised at just how well it works.”

Identifying a Need for Social Selling

Connor Lagman, Founder of Attention Digital, experienced steady growth at his digital marketing agency over the past couple of years. However, he was looking for new ways to generate business quicker.

With a background in sales, Connor knew it’s not only hard getting new leads, but also extremely time-consuming. While the agency was doing well, Connor wanted to stay ahead of the curve.

Connor had done some manual prospecting on LinkedIn in the past and saw success from it, but knew he needed to scale his operations if he was going to meet his annual growth goals.

After reading about LinkedIn social selling, Connor did some digging into the improvements LinkedIn made for business development and found some great new tools. “There was a lot of buzz about how effective LinkedIn was and how it was doing some really good things. I wanted to strike while the iron was hot. Even one new client would make all the difference,” explained Connor.

That’s when Connor decided to investigate a social selling platform.

A Smart Solution to Manual Prospecting

Previously, Connor used an email tool called Rebump to send automated follow-ups. “I discovered that automated email follow-ups worked decently well and began seeing a comparison between best practices from automated email and LinkedIn outreach. Based on this, I was confident that everything I knew about email could be transpired to LinkedIn,” Connor shared.

Connor discovered CoPilot AI, and after vetting a few other options, ultimately chose CoPilot AI because of its unique simplicity and ability to keep all prospects in one central location.

Having manually prospected before, he knew it was extremely difficult to manage a successful social selling strategy within the LinkedIn inbox alone. With CoPilot AI, he can tag his prospects, follow-up with them when they’re ready to talk and easily import them to his CRM.

The Power of the Social & Professional Network, LinkedIn

Once Connor implemented CoPilot AI, he immediately ramped up his personal LinkedIn profile and business page, ensuring it had a call-to-action and had a cohesive look and feel.

He began making connections with local businesses explaining, “I was open-minded about the connections I was making and the types of meetings it would lead to. I still wanted to connect even if they weren’t necessarily looking to buy anything today because I’ve had connections reach out to me out of the blue a year or later saying they are ready to talk now”.

Since using CoPilot AI, Connor has seen a large increase in leads coming from LinkedIn directly to his website. “Some of the time, the response is ‘Hey just looked at your profile, perfect timing, let’s talk’ and we go straight into a sales meeting from there. Otherwise, the conversation can be more like ‘How can we bring each other mutual value?’. I do like connecting with local businesses just to connect. It brings me value personally and professionally,” stated Connor. His goal is to continue growing his network to see what current and future opportunities it creates.

“I can’t imagine how valuable this will be 10 years from now after connecting with so many people,” he shared.

Meaningful Connections Drive Better Business

With CoPilot AI, Connor has eliminated the most time consuming, cumbersome aspect of business development for his agency. “You worry you might annoy people, but I’ve had people reach out to tell me ‘I appreciate your tenacity and the follow-up’ the feedback has been very positive,” Connor explained.

With this simple message approach, “Hey, I’m a local agency owner – let’s set up a call or meet in person”, he’s been able to change the face of his business. Giving his prospects the option to meet in person, for a coffee or over the phone has sped up his relationship-based selling, making his first contact with his prospects much warmer. If prospects aren’t ready for a meeting, Connor uses the CoPilot AI tagging feature for follow-up at a later specified date.

Staggering Results

As a result of using CoPilot AI, Connor has been able to grow his personal and professional network, leading to more meetings with his ideal prospects. After just three weeks using the platform, Connor has had 20 meaningful meetings, sent five new proposals out and made two sales (one of which is the largest sale in Attention Digital history). CoPilot AI has helped push Connor’s business to peak efficiency.

Additionally, CoPilot AI has helped Attention Digital stand out in the market, allowing Connor to increase his pricing as he’s more experienced and specialized. Connor summarizes, “CoPilot AI does exactly what it promises. I’m not surprised it works, but I am surprised at just how well it works”.