Case Study - Information Technology & Services

Learn how this startup booked 60 prospect meetings in just 60 days with CoPilot AI.

Greg Wise, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer
OneScreen AI
Information Technology & Services

“I look at CoPilot AI as my BDR. It makes connections for me that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make at scale, and gets people to agree to book meetings with me.”

Back in January of this year (2020), Greg Wise met with two business associates to talk through a few ideas he had about how to solve inefficiencies in the out of home advertising space. Fast forward one month later, OneScreen AI was born with Greg as the Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer.

However, like with many startups, initial growth was a challenge and the founders were finding they had to wear many different hats. One of those hats being sales for Greg.

A new pain-point arises with manual and time-consuming sales outreach

Responsible for driving revenue and generating new customers, Greg did most of his prospecting on LinkedIn. His process was that’d he find people in his target audience he wanted to connect with on LinkedIn and would shoot them a message. He’d then go through their connection lists and see if there were more people he could connect with from there, focusing on vertical and location.

“My process was strictly LinkedIn cold outreach — literally all manual, which was very time consuming,” shared Greg.  

A smart solution for manual prospecting

Greg was actively figuring out how to help the sales side of the business scale faster; but knew he needed help prospecting. He considered hiring someone or finding a freelance BDR but found those options were too expensive at this stage in their business. That’s when he came across an ad for CoPilot AI. He clicked through to the website and was immediately intrigued.

“I didn’t know products like this existed but when I went to the website, I realized that CoPilot AI was exactly what I needed,” Greg said. So, he booked a demo.

“I have always been into sales enablement tools and any technology that can make me faster, more efficient and better at my job,” Greg shared, adding, “it didn’t take me long to get an idea of what CoPilot AI does and how the value could augment what I do. I had one demo and was like, ‘all right, let’s roll.’ It was that simple.”

60 prospect meetings in 60 days

Greg immediately implemented CoPilot AI and started seeing results. He measures success through the amount of meetings booked, and within the first two months of having CoPilot AI he booked 60 meetings.

“I look at CoPilot AI as my BDR,” explained Greg, adding, “it makes connections for me that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make at scale, and gets people to agree to book a meeting with me.”

Not only has it helped him generate new business, it has saved him countless hours in manual outreach. Greg described, “the best part is I can set it and forget it. I let it run in the background and wait until people come through who are ready to talk. I genuinely use CoPilot AI as if it’s my BDR and that’s how I’ve structured my entire sales organization so far.”

Greg summarized his experience with CoPilot AI by saying, “CoPilot AI is awesome. I’m super impressed and am really happy with it so far.”