Case Study - Financial Advisor & Partner

How this financial advisor cultivated meaningful online connections to real-life impacts that resulted in over $20,000 in revenue with CoPilot AI.

Aaron Curry Partner
Catalyst Financial Group
Financial Services

“CoPilot AI brings me extra introductions every week that I just wouldn’t be able to get in-person or manually. If I could do this ten times over, I would because it produces results.”

Aaron Curry is a highly experienced Financial Advisor and Partner at Catalyst Financial Group in Oklahoma. He’s also on the advisory board of MassMutual. One thing he has found challenging is connecting with his highly specific target audience.

Because of how specific his audience is, he needed a better, easier way to find and reach out to these clients.

Looking for a scalable way to grow business outside of networking events

Aaron’s lead generation has always been about being active in the community and attending networking events. He prides himself on his ability to network and connect with people authentically and has seen success from these methods, though being time-consuming and high-effort. “The main struggle for advisors is doing consistent outreach every single day,” Aaron shared.

He had done the math and found that if he made ten introductions, that would lead to three qualified prospects which would result in one customer. Aaron wanted to increase this and grow his business at scale, which eventually led him to CoPilot AI.

Notable results in under 6 months with social selling

“I already had a decent network on LinkedIn but I wasn’t really using it to drive conversations,” shared Aaron. This is what initially attracted him to CoPilot AI. He added, “what CoPilot AI did was help me find a socially acceptable, professional way to connect, and converse, with my target audience.”

He immediately got to work and put a social selling strategy in place, which consisted of:

  1. Finding the specific, highly targeted people he wanted to do business with.
  2. Have conversations with them and tell the Catalyst Financial story.
  3. Grow his practice.

After executing this strategy with CoPilot AI, in just six months Aaron was already seeing results and producing quite notable sales.

Now he’s doing 200 introductions which has led to at least 70 meetings. And of those, he’s closed seven new client households with a total of 21 policies. “CoPilot AI brings me extra introductions every week that I just wouldn’t be able to get in-person or manually,” Aaron explained, adding, “I can continue to network in the community but at the end of the day LinkedIn is a great way to target. If I could do this ten times over, I would because it produces results.”

Getting creative moving online connections to real-life impacts

CoPilot AI has also helped Aaron build meaningful and fruitful business relationships. Although the connections are made within the platform, Aaron takes the time and effort to nurture these relationships.

One example of this is when Aaron connected with a potential client through CoPilot AI. Out of their conversations, Aaron found out it was the prospect’s wedding anniversary that evening and he and his wife were going to a restaurant to celebrate. Aaron asked which restaurant and phoned ahead and pre-arranged for a bottle of champagne to be waiting there for him. He has since become one of Aaron’s favorite clients and has resulted in around $14,000 in revenue.

“This type of approach doesn’t change the fact that you need to be creative and an effective communicator. It’s still all about building relationships,” explained Aaron. Two more valuable relationships he’s built since utilizing CoPilot AI has resulted in another $9,000 in revenue.

Aaron summarized his experience by saying, “LinkedIn and CoPilot AI made these connections for me I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”