Case Study - Digital Agency

How this digital marketing agency owner increased bookings by 4 appointments per week and reduced the time spent finding new business using CoPilot AI.

John Estabrook Director
Digital Marketing

“CoPilot AI works for me because it’s automated. No one has the time to manually do this all day“

Automating Manual Prospecting

John Estabrook, Director at Local2Online, a digital marketing agency in Boston, had used LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build his professional network and tackle prospecting. But according to John, it was “insanely time-consuming and laborious”.

He had also tried cold emails as another prospecting strategy but didn’t get a lot of positive results. “I’ve found that LinkedIn is the best platform to find the people you’re looking to connect and do business with,” shared John.

John knew he needed a way to streamline and automate the manual process of social prospecting, as it was a necessity to grow his business but he didn’t have the bandwidth. “LinkedIn is a great tool for prospecting, but where it gets time-consuming is having to network and connect with people first to get permission to do business with them,” explained John. That’s what led John to CoPilot AI. He was excited to use the tool as it automatically connects with your target audience, eliminating John having to manually search for and connect with people in order to gain permission to chat. This way John could start building a relationship with his prospects right away.

Finding the Right Audience

John quickly implemented CoPilot AI and began using it to target roofers. He found that it didn’t work initially with that audience, as roofers weren’t necessarily using LinkedIn. He switched gears to one of the other, more white-collar, verticals he targets and saw results immediately.

Focusing on national accounts in the insurance, finance and marketing industry, CoPilot AI helped John target and reach out to the key, executive-level people he wanted to connect and do business with.

“I tried so many other tools before CoPilot AI that didn’t give the results I wanted,” John shared, adding, “CoPilot AI is worth the money. Their customer service team helps with the platform and messaging, and makes sure everything is working.”

More Appointments, Less Time-Consuming Manual Outreach

So far, John’s favorite and most-used functionality is the ability to connect automatically with his prospects and then use message templates. “Message templates are great. It makes it quick and easy for me to go through everything and answer potential leads,” explained John.

John spends as little as 30 minutes a day in CoPilot AI and has gained four appointments per week from it, with a prospect connection rate of 43%. “CoPilot AI works for me because it’s automated. No one has the time to manually do this all day,” said John.

John summarized his whole experience by saying, “I honestly just love the tool. It’s working great for me!”