Introducing... LinkedIn Lead Nurture Campaigns!

We’re kicking off 2021 with a new product release; LinkedIn Lead Nurture Campaigns! This is a new and exciting way to do LinkedIn outreach.

Introducing... LinkedIn Lead Nurture Campaigns!

We’re kicking off 2021 with a brand new product release; LinkedIn Lead Nurture Campaigns. With the addition of Lead Nurture Campaigns, you’ll not only be able to prospect on LinkedIn, but you’ll be able to nurture existing LinkedIn contacts, as well as contacts made with CoPilot AI.

What does this mean?

In the past, CoPilot AI made it possible to automate connection requests and messages to your 2nd degree network on LinkedIn. The 2nd degree network is made up of the connections of your connections. For example: if you are connected to Tom and Tom is connected to Diane; Diane is in your 2nd degree network.

Now, CoPilot AI makes it possible to automate messages to people you are already connected to (also known as your 1st degree network) with the use of Nurture Campaigns. Using the same example above, Tom is in your 1st degree network. You connected with Tom using CoPilot AI, and then CoPilot AI targeted your 2nd degree network and connected with Diane. Diane has now moved from your 2nd degree network to your 1st degree network. Now that both of these individuals have become part of your 1st degree network, you are able to run a LinkedIn nurture campaign against them.

Why should I be excited?

When you’re connecting with and reaching out to hundreds of people on LinkedIn a week, you’re likely not booking every single one of those people in for a meeting. So what happens to the people you never hear back from? Or the people that don’t have a need right now?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to find those people a few months from now unless they explicitly asked to schedule a follow-up at a later date. That’s where Nurture Campaigns comes in; it’ll allow you to easily find and contact these individuals without the manual effort.

CoPilot AI will now allow you to create lists within the platform of all the contacts you’ve connected with via CoPilot AI. In addition, you can pull in anyone from your 1st degree network, regardless of if you connected with them via CoPilot or not. That means there is the potential for you to continuously reach out to hundreds of contacts you’ve made throughout your time on LinkedIn.

How does this differ from my prospecting campaigns?

In your CoPilot AI prospecting campaigns, you're first connecting with new contacts. Since Nurture Campaigns is with contacts you’ve already connected with, you don’t have to worry about sending a connection request message.

With prospecting campaigns, we also encourage users to only put 5-7 day delays between messages, and only create message campaigns with max 5 touch points (these numbers are based on our best practices).

However, with Lead Nurturing Campaigns, you can have as many messages as you want. And generally, you can set a longer delay between messages. We recommend waiting anywhere between two weeks to a month between messages. You also don’t need to make the goal of the campaign for people to book a meeting or request a demo. You can instead use Lead Nurturing for a variety of things, for example sharing content or signing up for a webinar. Check out this blog for more use case ideas for nurture campaigns.

You can set the delay for the first nurture message for as long as you want, to ensure there is a long enough gap between your last prospecting message and first nurture message.

What else has changed?

TLDR; here is a quick summary of what’s been added with Lead Nurture Campaigns:

  • Create nurture campaigns with automatic follow-up messages after a prospect replies
  • Nurture your 1st degree connections from LinkedIn
  • Track responses and success of your Nurture campaigns

We are extremely excited for the release of LinkedIn Lead Nurture Campaigns and can’t wait to see how all of you use this feature!