About us

We believe in maximizing authentic and mutually beneficial human connections for business growth.

To create a place where our customers can have more meaningful conversations, at scale.

Our values


Be your real self


Build new things


Give a shit

People first

CoPilot AI solves business problems by starting with the development of our people.

Solving problems

At CoPilot AI, we believe that putting people first with empathy and empowerment is key to fixing business problems.

Nurturing growth

We prioritize and champion team development, creating a work environment where employees can thrive and grow.

Fostering people

We reinvest in our crew when facing adversity. We lift each other up, leveraging everyone's unique skills and strengths.

At CoPilot AI, we are…









We're on a mission

to innovate the way businesses grow by humanizing digital interactions at scale

Meet the team

Jesse Chen
Chief Executive Officer & Cofounder
Tasi Gottschlag
Chief Revenue Officer
James Zhan
VP, Product & Growth
Camisha Kuang
Senior People & Culture Business Partner
Mojan Butler
VP, Revenue Operations
Sarah Seplin
Sales Manager
Norbert Hung
Takahiro Kato
Principal Engineer
Scott Morgan
Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Ti Wu
Product Manager
Kamran Malik
Head of Customer Success
Laura Rittmeister
Lead Product Designer
Shan Naziripour
Engineering Manager
Dave Lee
Founding Engineer
Jackson Chao
Product Manager
Jonathan Grall
Customer Success Team Manager
Trevor Kim
Senior Account Executive
Jordan Angulo
Account Executive
Dmitrii Pliasunov
Account Strategist
Kevin Elliott
Senior Growth Content Marketer
Lucy Huang
Product Designer
MJ Suyom
People & Culture Coordinator
John Vainio
Senior Software Engineer
Jess Escobar
Account Strategist
Dan Squires
Customer Implementation Specialist
Kraig Helmeczi
Machine Learning Scientist
Juhui Lee
Software Engineer
Hanna Camello Dandanell
Operations Manager
Teng He
Growth Marketer
Desmond Poon
Senior Software Engineer
Philip Leung
Staff Software Engineer
Alex Chu
Software Engineer
Keefe Liew
Product Designer
Tyler Goncalves
Software Engineer
Tej Tandon
Customer Implementation Specialist
Michael Lim
Sales Development Representative
Ankith Saleem
Product Marketing Manager
Harry O'Donnell
Inside Account Executive
Ollie Campey
Customer Implementation Specialist
Anna Oshiro
UI & Graphic Designer Intern
Taryn Wou
Associate Product Manager Intern
Michael Peter
Customer Implementation Specialist
Arlene Yang
Inside Account Executive
Arsh Dhatt
Inside Account Executive
Yash Mahidhar
Customer Success Intern

Join our team

Meet our advisors

Peter Smyrniotis

Board Member, Victory Square Technologies and Spark CRM. Former CEO, HealthSpace Data Systems. Over 20 years of experience in enterprise sales and ten in startup investing.

Jean-Marc Bougie

Former CEO, Hillcore. Former Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets. Over 30 years of experience in investment banking and private-equity firms.

Qingchen Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Business Analytics, University of Hong Kong. Grandmaster, Kaggle. Former consultant on predictive analytics at Facebook, Yelp, Expedia, Airbnb and more.

Henry Bee

Cofounder and former CEO, CoPilot AI. Over 20 years of experience in quantitative finance, including at Broadridge and Wealthbar. Currently creating Finance 3.0 in Web3.

"The best thing about CoPilot AI is the team—the openness and trust we share is extremely valuable to me. We collaborate well and build amazing products together."

Ti Wu
Product Manager