White-label sales enablement solution to skyrocket your agency's client base.

Focus on client growth & revenue generation while we act as your full product team. With CoPilot AI’s white-label solution, your clients will generate and engage with high-quality prospects in weeks, not months!

We power 1,000s of high value connections daily.

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Delight your clients with cutting-edge sales tools, all under your branding.

Proven results for:

We do the work, you take the credit

By white-labelling CoPilot AI, your clients grow their revenue by tapping into LinkedIn, the world’s largest B2B database.

Plug & play powerhouse  

Experience rapid results & client satisfaction

Enable your clients to generate quality leads and book high-value meetings in weeks, not months and showcase your value right from the start of your relationship. With simple onboarding and faster feedback loops, you can sell efficiently while ensuring client satisfaction.

Stand out from the crowd  

Outperform traditional lead generation methods

With the power of LinkedIn and AI, your clients start with higher quality conversations when compared to PPC and list buying, and see better reply rates compared to email outreach. Your clients will feel like they’re bringing on a new SDR, but with the low cost and flexibility of software.

Scalable business  

Expand your reach without growing your team

Expand your selling power by increasing your market size and accelerating client acquisition. CoPilot AI automates aspects of the sales cycle and taps into a larger pool of prospects when compared to other lead generation methods. Transform your clients from high-maintenance to low-maintenance so you can focus on growing your business.

Start with confidence

We’re with you every step of the way

We understand the challenges of ongoing client support. That's why we provide a dedicated Account Manager to ensure your and your clients' success. With CoPilot AI's admin features, you can manage, impersonate, and control access to client accounts effortlessly, delivering top-notch service.

Effortless innovation for your agency

Innovate your portfolio by becoming product-led

CoPilot AI offers all the benefits of SaaS without worrying about product-market fit, scope of work, or internal dev resources. Enjoy an AI product-led offer, customized branding, and impeccable usability. With high NPS, uptime, and fast ticket resolution, we've got you covered.

Graphic showing how team-management works as a CoPilot AI feature.
Maintain your account health
Graphic showing how analytics work as a CoPilot AI feature.

We prioritize the safety of your clients' LinkedIn accounts

Your LinkedIn account is a key part of your clients' professional identity. CoPilot AI ensures the safety and health of all LinkedIn accounts by maximizing the prospecting phase within LinkedIn’s limits so you never have to worry about your clients' accounts being compromised.

Faster & cheaper vs. traditional B2B lead generation methods
CoPilot AI
Email Marketing
Media Buying
Setup Cost
Time to Result
1-4 weeks
days to weeks
weeks to months
depends on publishing schedule
Real-time analytics
Yes, cookieless
Individual user analytics
Yes, with cookies
Individual user analytics
Yes, with cookies
Individual user analytics
Yes, with cookies
Individual user analytics
Depends on placements
Individual user analytics

CoPilot AI supports your clients' full sales cycle, starting with high-quality LinkedIn leads that are ready to meet.

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We make relationship-selling scalable.

Differentiate your business.
Build sustainable revenue. Scale your client base.

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Become a CoPilot AI white-label partner and experience all of the benefits of running a SaaS company, with none of the headache.