Fill your pipeline with high-quality leads through LinkedIn.

Looking to leverage LinkedIn to identify, engage, and convert high-intent prospects? CoPilot AI is the AI-powered sales enablement solution designed to support the SaaS and IT industries by connecting your team with your ideal buyers.

Rated by 150+ clients on Capterra and other independent review sites.

We power 1,000s of high value connections daily.

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CoPilot AI connects with LinkedIn to help you book consistent meetings with the right people.

Works best for:

Cloud Solutions
SaaS, IaaS, PaaS

Software Development
& Integration Services

Managed IT
Services & Support

Data Analytics
& BI Solutions

How it works:

CoPilot AI plugs directly into LinkedIn to support your full sales cycle, from pipeline development to closing the deal.

STEP 1. Target the Right Prospects

Discover high-intent leads that are actively seeking your solution

Who you talk to makes all the difference. Reply Prediction AI accesses data from thousands of past campaigns and 800+ million LinkedIn profiles to accurately identify and prioritize your ideal prospects based on their likelihood to reply to your message.

STEP 2. Automation to Decrease Burnout

Send AI-powered automated messages that maintain the human touch

Automate LinkedIn prospecting and nurture campaigns to your prospects, allowing your team to manage hundreds of conversations in less than 30 minutes per day and eliminating the need for manual cold outreach.

STEP 3. Personalize & Convert

Empower your team to hit their targets by getting to know each prospect

Personalized Insights AI scans your prospects' LinkedIn profile to show you their preferred communication style, then Smart Reply AI drafts one-click messages that match it, helping your team win more deals by sending messages that resonate.

Start with confidence

Hit the ground running with expert support, on demand

Our LinkedIn experts will work with you to get everything set up right, step-by-step. Once your campaign is live, our dedicated support team is here to ensure your success.

Teamwork Made Easy

Ensure your team focuses more time on selling and less time on admin

While other SaaS and IT sales teams are wasting time and duplicating work, CoPilot AI is ensuring team collaboration by:

  • Preventing duplicate outreach between team members
  • Allowing you to manage permission settings across your organization
  • Ranking performance & sharing high-performing campaign templates
  • Editing team members' LinkedIn profiles without sharing logins
Graphic showing how team-management works as a CoPilot AI feature.
Maintain Your Account Health

We prioritize the safety of your LinkedIn account

Your LinkedIn account is a key part of your team’s professional identity and lead generation efforts. CoPilot AI ensures the safety and health of your account by maximizing the prospecting phase within LinkedIn’s limits so you never have to worry about your account being compromised.

We make relationship-selling scalable.

Rated by 150+ clients on Capterra and other independent review sites.

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