Turn LinkedIn into a goldmine for your B2B sales team.

Need a way to hit target consistently?

Give each rep their personal AI-powered SDR to bulletproof your pipeline coverage while eliminating 90% of manual prospecting tasks.

We power 1,000s of high value connections daily.

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CoPilot AI automates prospecting from every rep's LinkedIn profile — so your team can focus on deals, not trying to fill pipeline.

Proven results for:

We make hitting target less stressful:

Ensure pipeline coverage  

Feed your pipeline with less than 30 mins of work a day.

Unlock a consistent stream of opportunities.

CoPilot AI lets reps automatically start + manage 100s of conversations without being overwhelmed — so your team can prioritize high-value activities like advancing deals.

Higher win rates  

Start with ideal fits, not time wasters.

What if your best-fit leads were always first up?

CoPilot AI recognizes your ideal buyers and reaches out to them first. Using data from 800+ million LinkedIn profiles and 1,000s of past campaigns, our fit-prediction engine is proven to increase win rates by over 30%.

Empower every sales rep  

Powerful AI workflows let reps work smarter, not harder.

When work gets hectic, things gets missed.

Our Smart Inbox supports every rep with practical AI workflows to save time, reduce error, and action each opportunity with confidence. Craft reply messages in 2 clicks, & stay top-of-mind with automated nurture.

Start with confidence

Hit the ground running with expert support, on demand.

Our LinkedIn experts will work with you to get everything set up right, step-by-step. Once your campaign is live, our dedicated support team is here to ensure your success.

Teamwork made easy

Helping sales teams do more selling and less admin.

  • Automatically prevent duplicate outreach between team members.
  • Control team member access permissions from an admin account.
  • Easily compare rep performance & share winning strategies.
  • Manage team members' LinkedIn activity without sharing LinkedIn logins.
Graphic showing how team-management works as a CoPilot AI feature.
Not all wins are equal
Graphic showing how analytics work as a CoPilot AI feature.

Win more, sweat less.

Unlike competitors that try to hack LinkedIn's weekly limits to send more volume, we avoid tactics that put our users' LinkedIn profiles at risk. Our AI-powered toolset learns nonstop to win you more gems, not more pebbles.

Faster & cheaper vs. traditional B2B lead generation methods.

Schedule a private consultation to see if CoPilot AI is a fit for your specific business goals.

We make relationship-selling scalable.

Flexible integrations

Connect the tools you rely on.

It's your data. See it where you need to use it. CoPilot AI's powerful Zapier integration lets you connect the world's most advanced LinkedIn automation tool with your CRM, Slack, and all the essential tools in your sales stack.

Resellers & whitelabel

Partner with CoPilot AI

  • Whitelabel CoPilot AI with your logo & brand.
  • We handle all hosting & maintenance.
  • Resellers average >100% markup on licensing costs.
  • Full admin control of all your users' profiles, campaigns, messaging, and metrics.

Talk to us about getting you more meetings from LinkedIn.

Rated by 150+ clients on Capterra and other independent review sites.

"I'm putting more meetings on my calendar with people I don't normally have the time to seek out or follow up with."

Sam J., Managing Director, Financial Services