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From newsletters and promotions, to personal product reviews, create shoppable videos that engage and educate your customers.
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CoPilot benefits

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Personalized newsletters that scale.

Whether for newsletters or promotions, easily add personalized intros to your videos and create outreach that feels personal and scales.

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Promos that showcase your products.

Why send customers static descriptions and visuals of your products when you can show them how it looks in real life.

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Engaging follow-ups that drive traffic.

Engage new customers and drive site traffic by sending tailored welcome messages or product reviews with video.

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Abandoned cart follow-ups that convert.

Leverage abandoned cart data and send real life videos that are product specific and educate what can’t be shown on your site.

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How it works

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1. Start creating videos.

Simply record a video an add it to your timeline. Want to look better than the rest? Leverage our recording tools to create high quality results.

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2. Share, upload, and educate.

You’re pretty great but so are your products. Go beyond camera recording. Share your screen, or upload quick videos, and show off your stuff!

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3. Personalize for the right audience.

Increase engagement by adding personalized intros for specific audiences your want to target. We’ll splice it together for you.

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4. Make it shoppable.

Customize your subject line, thumbnail, and CTA so you can close the loop and drive customers back to your PDP pages.

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