Why personalized video messaging? 

Stand out from the crowd

Video email can reduce inbox fatigue and help recipients retain more of the message when compared to text-based email.

(B2B DecisionLabs, 2021)

Why personalized video messaging? 

The future of sales is digital first

76% of sales leaders believe that remote sales interactions are equally or more effective than traditional in-person engagement.

(McKinsey, 2020)

Why personalized video messaging? 

Reach the decision makers

Nearly a quarter of decision-makers identify 1-to-1 video as the media type they’re most likely to reply to.

(SalesHacker, 2018)

Say goodbye to generic, robotic digital interactions

4 million

connections made

4 million

connections made

4 million

connections made

With personalized video messaging, you can:

- create content that people actively pay attention to when they consume it
- add a unique flair to each video you send and delight your recipients
- do it all - from recording to sending - in a matter of minutes - yes, it doesn’t have to be difficult!

Plus, the more videos you create, the more metrics and templatized videos and scripts you’ll have. That means your videos are easier to create and get better over time.

How it works

Create videos straight from your browser

Record yourself with our web-based video creator with a built-in script editor, teleprompter, and workflows.

Women smiling in video

Personalization in minutes

Our platform works in the background to edit and stitch it together so you have personalized elements within a consistent video message

Two video clips being stitched together

Share directly with your prospects

Send or download videos in just a few clicks, and embed customizable calls to action and clickable buttons

Video being shared to different prospects

Track performance

Monitor views and engagements in real-time with a built-in metrics and analytics dashboard

Man smiling with his statistics being tracked in dashboard

Built by an award winning team

Awards: 2020 Growth List, 2019 Tech Impact Award Finalist, Deloitte 2021 Companies to Watch Winner


What is Video by CoPilot AI?

Video by CoPilot AI is built for today's digital-first professional world. Create personalized videos in bulk on our platform in less time by:

-managing video preparing, recording, and processing in one spot.
-leaving the tedious video editing and exporting to our software.
-easily share engaging videos to your audience in minutes.

Do more with video in less time so you can stand out from the crowd.

Is it free?

Yes! Video by CoPilot AI is free to use forever. Feel free to invite your friends!

In the future, Video by CoPilot AI will have premium plans with advanced features for you and your team.

We will continue to offer a free plan that you can use anytime.

What is a video template?

A video template consists of three core components: introduction, body, and conclusion.

Video templates are split this way to accommodate multiple personalized introductions, such as if you want to have introductions where you greet recipients by name.

This also allows you to re-use your video templates in future recordings, saving you loads of time doing tedious video recording tasks.

What is stitching? How does it work?

Our proprietary stitching technology automatically combines your videos together in bulk.

For example, if you record your video template with ten different introductions, our platform will give you ten videos containing the ten different introductions. And it all happens without you having to jump into a video editor or lifting a finger!

How do I share my videos?

We recommend sharing your videos using the link provided once the stitching is completed. This link can be accessed by your recipient from a web browser, allows you to track all the metrics related to the video, and shows the viewer any calls-to-action or buttons embedded in your video.

Alternatively, you can download a high-quality .mp4 file of your videos and upload or share these manually based on your tech stack and workflows.

How does Video by CoPilot AI differ from other products in the market?

Video by CoPilot AI focuses on helping the modern professional start using video, fast. Our proprietary stitching technology enables you to quickly personalize videos, while our platform focuses on ease of use to cut the tedious work of video record, editing, and distributing.

How does Video by CoPilot AI differ from other products in the market?

You can share feedback with us by filling out this form or sending us an email at [email protected]. We read all feedback and we really appreciate you taking the time to help us make Video by CoPilot AI even better.