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Make it personal with video.

From prospecting and follow-ups, to demos and promotions, we make it easy to create clean personalized content that shows your value.
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CoPilot benefits

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Record your pitch once, personalize for all.

Add a combination of personalized intros to your videos recordings to create outreach that is personal and easy to scale.

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Show your value with screen sharing.

Don't just send your clients descriptions and images of your product or service, share your screen and walk them through it.

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Follow-up and increase conversion.

Level up the power of short-form, personalized content with simple CTA and thumbnail features that increase conversion.

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Track performance and refine your outreach.

Go one step further and validate your efforts, see what’s working, and revise your projects with our trimming and transition tools.

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Awards: 2020 Growth List, 2019 Tech Impact Award Finalist, Deloitte 2021 Companies to Watch Winner

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How it works

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1. Start creating videos.

Simply record a video an add it to your video timeline - it’s that easy! Want to look better than the rest? Leverage our recording tools to create high quality results.

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2. Show your stuff!

You’re pretty great, but so is your product and service. Go beyond camera recording. Share your screen, or upload quick videos, to show the value you can create.

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3. Personalize your content.

Add personal intros for all the people on your project list to increase engagement. We'll splice it together for you.

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4. Customize and send off.

Whether sending to your top client, or to an entire lead list, customize your subject line and thumbnail. We’ll personalize the rest.

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How does it work?

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1. Record your main message

Record yourself with our web-based video creator with a built-in script editor, teleprompter, and workflows.

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2. Add your list of contacts

Easily add the email addresses of the people who matter most to your business.

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3. Record a personal intro for each contact

Send or download videos in just a few clicks, and embed customizable calls to action and clickable buttons.

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4. Tackle your to-dos, as we magically edit your videos together

Our platform works in the background to edit and stitch it together so you have personalized elements within a consistent video message.

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5. Send a personal video to your contacts

Send or download videos in just a few clicks, share directly and embed customizable call to actions and clickable buttons.