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6 Easy Tips to get More Followers on Your LinkedIn Business Page You can Implement Right Away



July 8, 2020

If you’ve been reading our blog for some time now, you know how important your personal LinkedIn profile is. But what about your LinkedIn business page?

Your LinkedIn business page is a valuable resource and marketing tool. It’s the first glance for many of your followers into your company. However, it can be difficult to grow your business page followers.

Below are 6 tips to get more followers on your LinkedIn business page:

1) Have employees act as brand ambassadors

One of the best (and easiest) ways to get more followers on your LinkedIn business page is through your employees. Encourage them to share your company page on their own profiles, as well as personally invite their friends, colleagues, and other associates. Having them regularly share your company updates and tagging your LinkedIn business page will ensure that it is displayed to your employees networks.

Tip: include a link to your business page in your employee’s email signatures.


2) Ask happy customers to spread the word

On the flip side of our last point, do the same with your customers! If you have happy customers, ask them if they’d be willing to re-post one of your company updates, being sure to tag your LinkedIn business page. This will expose your business page to a brand new network of individuals that will likely find your services useful.

3) Turn traffic from your website into LinkedIn followers

Your website is likely your biggest source of traffic. Why not direct some of that traffic to your LinkedIn business page? Including ‘social’ buttons on your website is fairly easy, and a great way to encourage web visitors to follow your social media pages. You can also make it so that they can easily share content directly from your website to their social media pages.

4) Provide useful content and post it regularly

Regularly posting new content on your business page will gain more visibility on LinkedIn users’ feeds. In addition, having relevant and useful content provides something of value to your followers, and will incite more people to follow if they feel they are getting something out of it. According to LinkedIn itself, business pages that post at least once a week see two times the engagement.  

Tip: be sure to have all your employees share your business page posts when you promote new content.

status update

5) Mention other companies or industry thought leaders in tour posts

Every industry has thought leaders, influencers, and well known companies. Tap into those resources by tagging them in your posts. Having tagged them, it’ll allow your posts to be seen by their network. It’ll also give your posts a better chance at being re-shared by these individuals.

6) Actively engage with your followers

It’s important to allow two-way communication on your LinkedIn business page. Simply sharing company updates or content is only enough for the bare minimum. Any time someone comments on your posts, you should reply. Not only does this improve your business page’s feed visibility, but people will be more likely to follow (and stay following) a page that actively communicates and engages with their audience.

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