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Over three million connections created on CoPilot AI in 2021



January 18, 2022

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Social prospecting is the new normal. Now, hopefully this is the least surprising thing you’ve read all week. What might shock you is just how normal it’s become.

Exponential network growth

It’s so normal in fact that CoPilot AI users made 3,283,671 new connections in the last year. When you consider that the average LinkedIn user has 400 connections, that’s millions of new second-degree connections - how’s that for audience expansion?

Connections made on CoPilot AI

The more your prospect, the more connections you make. The more connections you make, the greater the potential for your future prospecting campaign to reach even more people. Compounding is real -- the value of your new first-degree connections is real, but the strong potential of your second-degree connections is even more exciting.

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Highly engaged

Of the new connections made, 32% responded - a significantly higher engagement rate than more traditional channels like email (according to CampaignMonitor, the average email open rate is 18%)

LinkedIn is a medium that senior and junior professionals alike pay far more attention to. It’s an incredibly effective way to get in front of your target audience and ensure your message reaches them.

Get your reply rate up with our five tips for crafting the perfect prospecting message, and get more quality conversations flowing in your pipeline.

Clear intent

Finally, about 12% of those who responded showed high intent to convert, and a follow-up email, phone call, or calendar invitation was sent to these highly engaged prospects. That’s miles away from the typical 2.62% click through rate on emails.

High intent to convert

That’s an extremely efficient and cost-effective way to approach your top-of-funnel strategy, so you can capture and appeal to your audience’s interest much earlier in your sales cycle.

2021 was an extremely high growth year for our company, team, product, but most importantly you, our customers. We value the partnership we have and are honoured to help small and large businesses alike continue to grow, especially in a challenging and fast-changing economy.

The road ahead

And what about 2022, you might be asking? According to Forrester Research, 8 in 10 consumers will see the world as all digital next year. The expectations and level of personalization needed to capture the attention of your audience is higher than ever. 

The world continues to experience heavy disruption. It’s more important in this moment that you diversify your growth channels, try strategies that are less traditional, and stay ahead of your competition. 

Sales outreach, though sometimes tedious, is a necessary part of getting prospects and converting them to customers. When done successfully, sales outreach is a powerful way to boost sales and company growth. If you want to learn how to improve your sales outreach, talk to us today.

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