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3 Lead Generation Strategies to try in 2021



February 5, 2021

We’re already a month into 2021 (thank goodness, am I right?) so we have a good idea of where lead generation is headed this year. 2021 is all about scalability; so we're building off of last year's lead generation tactics to better scale your efforts into the new year and beyond.

So how can you take last year’s lead generation strategies and trends and build upon them to take them to the next level and generate even more leads in 2021?

We’ve got you covered with 3 effective lead generation strategies you can look out for that will take your lead gen to new heights.

1) Automation Tools & Software

Last year we were introduced to many new tools that made it easier to work remotely. That isn’t changing into 2021 as creating tools designed to make our work lives easier is still top of mind. For example, continuous improvements to AI and automation are having a direct impact on the work lives of those in sales, marketing or customer-facing roles.

In addition, automation is being proven out to be a key factor in lead generation. For those of you that dabbled with automation in 2020, you already know that it is an effective lead generation tool. However, automation will take lead generation to the next level in 2021. Many of the mundane day-to-day tasks involving lead generation now can be (and should be) automated so Sales People can focus on just that; selling.

Automation was once thought of as robotic. But AI and machine learning are making automation much more human and scalable. One example of this is AI-powered chatbots or lead generation software. These tools can answer questions, share resources and pre-qualify leads. This saves your sales and marketing team huge amounts of time, and more importantly, it’s scalable. Lead generation software generates hundreds of leads with very little effort that you would normally not be exposed to otherwise. Just take a look at what our customers are saying about automation and lead generation software here.

2) Website Optimization, SEO & Voice Search

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been, and continues to be, one of the most effective lead generation strategies for B2B businesses. This is due to the fact you’re attracting organic, ready-to-buy leads that are already searching for brands, products or services like yours.

In 2021, expect to invest more in your website optimization so you can increase your search engine rankings, drive more organic traffic and boost conversions. But that’s not all...

Another main trend we’re seeing within SEO is the rise of voice search. Because of the popularity in smart speakers, such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, voice search is now one of the top methods of search available. Part of your 2021 lead generation strategy needs to include optimizing your website and content for voice search by making your web content more conversational. But how can you do this? Instead of optimizing your website for keywords, start optimizing it for key phrases or questions. Keep it conversational and mimic how someone would speak, rather than type. For example, “what does lead generation software do?” vs. “lead generation software”.

Digital Agency Social Prospecting Case Study

3) Content Marketing & Video

We’ve all heard the phrase, “content is king,” and though the term is overdone it continues to be true year after year. Prospective buyers and customers alike rely on brands to provide engaging, helpful and interesting content to help them along their customer journey.

Content marketing traditionally involves everything from writing blogs and case studies to ebooks and whitepapers. A marketer’s tried and true lead generation process often involves offering some type of downloadable lead magnet and then adding these leads to an email funnel and eventually passing to sales.

Content marketing isn’t going anywhere and won’t change in 2021. However, a content marketing trend that can take your lead generation to the next level is video. This is anything from webinars and explainer videos to recorded demos and live streams. On social media especially, there is a shift in how people want to consume content and their preferred method is by watching videos. Short informational videos with a clear call to action is a highly effective way to convert leads.  

Hopefully this blog gave you some ideas to kick-start your lead generation strategy for 2021. Just remember, there will always be new lead generation trends  that come and go. What’s more important is that you’re able to innovate, adapt and go with the flow when it comes to generating high-quality leads. This is what will truly keep you ahead of the curve.

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